Cinderella A.K.A Nenskei

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Show Must Go On.”

If I won’t be a writer for today’s prompt (which is a little bit late to respond, lol) I would definitely take the lead performer spot to act my thoughts. HAHA. Sounds evil. lol

Last March 20 I watched the Cinderella movie with my lovely friends. And yes indeed, it was a good movie to bond with friends. Today’s prompt, I chose to lead the role of Ella. Yes, please allow me so. HAHA.

Have courage and be kind are the last words that Ella heard from her loving mother and so, she lived and grown up keeping those words in her heart. Later on, her father met a beautiful woman that has two daughters. She met and welcome them in wide open door and with all her heart but her struggle began when her father died.

As a lead performer, no, I would not let my step-mother and step-sisters treat me like I just nobody. I would indeed fight for my right as the legal and one only daughter of my father but, it doesn’t mean I’m not being kind. I would still walk in the line that my mother told me before she died and being kind is not just to other people, give also a chance to be kind to yourself but not to the point of being selfish. I would still let them stay even my father died and I would make sure that we still live harmoniously.


Cinderella A.K.A Nenskei :)

Have Courage And Be Kind

Have Courage And Be Kind

We always have kindness right in the deepest part of our heart. We always have courage right in the deepest thought on our mind. All we need to do is open it up and let others see the goodness that a person has. ~nenskei

What special more about it is Frozen Fever will hit Cinderella’s house. We only saw half of the short film and I wasn’t happy about that. The movie started at 5:20 pm, upon buying our ticket the attendant should have informed us that we should get in the Cinema 20 minutes earlier to see the full short story of Frozen. But nevertheless, I am satisfied with what I paid.

The most part I enjoyed in the movie is during that magical night of Ella. The dance, the gold carriage, the blueish gown and beautiful shoes that are made of glass. I was really impress when Ella and Prince Keith took the first dance. It was classic, elegant, and intimate. I won’t be surprised if this movie will win the Best Picture award. The story is very-well put into together.

Random thoughts about the movie…

I can’t give a certain answer when my friend asked me, while we were in the theatres, if I watched the animated version of Cinderella. So I was thinking – maybe I did at my younger days but too young to recall if I did, maybe I did but I find it uninteresting and forgot about it, or maybe I did not watch it at all.

Everything about Cinderella is mysteriously magical and everyone just so love it. From pumpkins to mice to lizard to goose to witty fairy godmother who made everything so perfect, but we also hate her step-mother and step-sisters.

Have courage and be kind.

This quote conveys understanding and humanity. If everybody is just kind as Ella, if everybody is just courageous as Prince Keith then we might living in the fairy tale that we wish to have. But the reality is, we live in non-fictional world that conveys doubt and hate. I am not that hopeless that we, human race, still have a chance to change the wheel.

When Cinderella asked her step-mother why she’s treating her unfairly despite of showing her kindness, she answered: “Because you are young, and innocent, and good”. Yes, even Cinderella can’t comprehend why she needs to be treated as trash despite of being kind. One thing I observed is when people are so kind, you started to hate them. Insecurities floats in and more often win over acceptance that yes, kind people do exist.

Love and happiness, fairy tale never let us down. A happily ever after story inspires us and makes us believe that somehow unconditional love does found in the roots of hearts.

Finding your Prince Charming is not as easy as eating gummy bears. It took time and often chose the wrong ones to learn and profound the meaning of love. A love that accepts people as who as they are.

Believe that everything happens for a reason. If Ella didn’t runaway for a moment she wouldn’t met her Prince.  Destiny will always crossed your paths if you are totally meant for each other. But don’t just let the destiny work it for you all alone, you must also have a courage to do your part.

The one who forgive has the purest heart. I asked myself, how did Ella forgive her stepmother just like that? Then I realize, it is just a fiction where happily ever after will always prevail.

What? – Is She High?

So there’s an average couple. Third party came and she gave in, she cheated. Then the night of confrontation, after her loving husband asked her to go home with him with all the tears flowing in his cheeks, and she will just say “You’re such a good guy, I really hope you will find nice girl”. What?, is she high? And in the end, that guy whom she felt something more will just hit her? Aw man!

The movie Temptation (click the link for trailer) is what I am talking about. I saw this movie in suggestion list so I download it. Watching the movie, watching how she wanted to be wanted crushed her makes me strongly believe that contentment is what we all need.


By the way, hello everyone!


Are you an avid fan of super heroes?

Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and other man man man man. Actually I’m really not into it! I don’t have a favorite one! But it all changes my course when THE AVENGERS save me from army of darkness!

Last Wednesday in my time-zone, It wasn’t in our to-do-list but I and fia watched the movie “THE AVENGERS”! WhoOoOoahh. As in! The movie was so COOL, FUN AND WORTH IT TO WATCH! ;)
I so do love IRON MAN, the richest superhero in the world. I love how he brought humor, laugh and fun in the story! I shout for ROBERT DOWNEY! Incredible Hulk, the angry bird of all the heroes! He said to Captain America: “Don’t worry Captain, I’m always angry!” WhoOoaah! And turns to HULK! I so do love how he smashed those ugly freak army! And fia shout for MARK RUFFALO!! OOOOOHHHHH MY …. OHH EMM GEE :D And by the way, IRON MAN saves the world by throwing the bomb outside Earth and HULK saves him by his own strong voice as a INCREDIBLE HULK!! Jeeezzz!

Guys, do watch AVENGERS. It’s not yet late! ;) Fia and I watched it without even a hassle. We dress up just we’re only in out home. As in, shorts and shirt that’s intended for home use! LOL. We don’t bother at all. Who cares, right? We sit just like we’re only in our home, putting in our feet in the seat. We don’t bother at all. Who cares, right? We laugh, talk, and react how the movie going just like we’re only in our home. We don’t bother at all. Who cares, right? LOL I can’t imagine myself watching it all alone. LOL We’re just laughing around! :P

My next target movie is the DARK SHADOWS! It’s Johnny Depp, I can’t miss that out! :P Well, fia isn’t still sure if she’s going with me! Whew!

Happy Viewing Everyone!



A girl named Penny and a dog named Bolt star on a hit television series called Bolt in which the titular character has various superpowers and must constantly thwart the evil plans of the nefarious Doctor Calico. To gain a more realistic performance, the TV show’s producers have deceived Bolt his entire life, arranging the filming in such a way that Bolt believes the television show is real and he really has superpowers. After filming completes for the latest episode, Bolt escapes from his on-set trailer mistakenly believing Penny has been kidnapped by the television villain. He attempts to break through a window, knocking himself unconscious as he falls into a box of foam peanuts. With no one aware Bolt is in the box, it is shipped from Hollywood to New York City. In New York, he meets Mittens, a female alley cat who bullies pigeons out of their food. Bolt, convinced this is another adventure, forces Mittens to help him get back to Hollywood, and the two start their journey westward on a truck after Bolt knocks Mittens unconscious. Meanwhile, in Hollywood, Penny is deeply saddened over Bolt’s disappearance but is convinced by the studio to continue filming with a Bolt look alike. As their adventure proceeds, Bolt starts to notice that his superpowers aren’t working, and rationalizes this is the effect that styrofoam has on his body.

Surprised at his first feelings of both pain and hunger, Bolt is shown by Mittens how to act like a cute, but needy dog, and is rewarded by food. They meet Rhino, a fearless, TV-obsessed hamster and huge Bolt fan who joins their team. Mittens tries to convince Bolt that his superpowers aren’t real, but their discussion is cut short by the arrival of Animal Control, who captures them both and transports them to an animal shelter. After being freed en route by Rhino, Bolt finally realizes that he is just a normal dog, but regains his confidence after Rhino (oblivious to this revelation) gives him a pep talk. They rescue Mittens from the shelter and escape, allowing them to continue their journey. Along the way, Bolt learns to enjoy typical dog activities (such as hanging his head out the window), but Mittens refuses to go farther than Las Vegas. She tells Bolt that his Hollywood life is fake and there is no real love for him there. Her emotional rant reveals that she was once a house cat, but was abandoned by her previous owner and left to brave the harsh streets alone and declawed. Bolt refuses to believe that Penny doesn’t love him, and continues on alone, wishing Mittens the best. Rhino, learning of Bolt’s departure, convinces Mittens that they must help him, and the two set off to find Bolt once again.

Bolt reaches the studio, finding Penny embracing his lookalike. Unaware that Penny still misses him and that her affection for the lookalike was only a part of a rehearsal for the show, he leaves, brokenhearted. Mittens, on a gantry in the studio, sees what Bolt does not: Penny telling her mother how much she misses Bolt. Realizing that Penny truly does love Bolt, Mittens follows Bolt and explains. At the same time, the Bolt-lookalike panics during filming and accidentally knocks over some torches, setting the sound stage on fire and trapping Penny. Bolt arrives and reunites with Penny inside the burning studio, but cannot get her out. In desperation, and unwilling to abandon Penny, Bolt tries using his super bark. The firefighters hear Bolt’s barking through the building’s vents and manage to pinpoint his location, rescuing him and Penny before they succumb to smoke inhalation.

Penny’s mother subsequently quits the show when their agent attempts to exploit the incident for publicity purposes. Penny herself adopts Mittens and Rhino, and moves to a rural home to enjoy a simpler, happy lifestyle with Bolt and her new pets. The show continues, but with a replacement “Bolt” and “Penny” – “Penny’s” new appearance being explained in the show as being serious injuries necessitating her undergoing facial reconstruction surgery, and adopting an alien abduction storyline (one that even Rhino finds unrealistic, and Bolt finds “ridonculous”). The epilogue scenes during the credits show Bolt, Penny, her mother, Mittens, and Rhino enjoying their new life together.

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Why I’m posting this? Simple because, this movie is SO cute as me .. :P .. seriously … I love this movie much . . we got DVD in this though I just saw this the other night cos my lil bro happened to watched it and dude . got amazed with the intro .. powerful doggy dog :P :D

I’m suggesting you watch it :)

Whoot Whoot

Does my title seems like a lively one? Well, it really does :) cos am having a VERY good day .. good vibes .. :)

While am taking my early bath (does really need to share? Yes cos from that got something to post something lively then :P) as I’ve said as I taking my bath, a thought suddenly crossed my precious mind :P :P and suddenly also vanish as I writing this down .. wahaha . u might kill me reading this nonsense post :P :P though thank you for the time.

My morning sky is present :) :) i mean morning sky is full of stars and moon, my precious moon is showing up, waving its light like saying, hey Nenskei/Shira I’m right up here, come and get me! LOL .. As honestly speaking, I’m really in love with the moon if only if I can fly and sleep over there WHY NOT, I’m crazy much about moon especially when its full moon, perfectly circle and the its light simply mesmerize me a lot. ;) Counting the star as I taking every step I make, be compelled with their magical scenes, placing each one another. ;)

Alright, alright, I remember now, lol, the thought that crossed my mind while taking my bath was the movie “Despicable Me”. ;) Stealing the moon?!! What a genius idea, but does it really possible then? wahaha

Aside that this is really funny, there’s also a moral thoughts that you can get from this awesome movie :)relationship of  your family, and fatherhood. Though the main character just uses the lil kids to do such schemes, he still find the true love from those tender loving lil girls :) . He’s not married, don’t have girlfriend  and love is nowhere to found for him. But sometimes, not sometimes but God really sent angels to make you feel that your not alone in this earth :) that somehow despite of negativity you have, you tend to switch it to positive thoughts cos you’ve got a every reason to. Kids brought happiness, they also make us smile and laugh and my niece do also the same :D

The picture above that Gru reading a story for Agnes? Wow, this is really a perfect moment with your kid. Its cute watching my partner doing that to our kids. (Though, sure that will happen someday not now. not yet :P ) I mean, those fathers out there, out here, reading this, have you spent time with your kids like this? I got a friend that really close to his lil lady and he does every thing a father could do ;) He talk to her daughter as a bestfriend, you see how cute is that? And I can freshly remember he said that chatting/talking to her daughter as early as she used to is more better that later when she find it weird. That honestly I find it amazing cos, me and my dad is not really doing that and when we try, yes it feels good though lil awkward! :P turn out be a lil shy conversation though we do it oftentimes and suddenly turn out be a funny talk cos dad good on making things lil funny :P :) I just miss the days when I, my lil bro and dad have fun playing video games, Super Mario!! LOL ♥♥♥

An intro is lil funny and turn out to be lil dramatic? wahahaha … moody moody :P :P

Yesterday Was My Sunday

My morning wasn’t that good, I got stiff neck :( .. gosh, i hate it :(

And supposed to be, my Sunday(s) is my rest day, free from work, free from school ;) BUT yesterday was not :(  I had a class .. (whaa?? O.o ) … but t’was just a make up class … and on my next Sunday we will have another make up class again :( … ( dang :P )


But what’s good about yesterday was … Class was fun/cool/informative :D .. still worth it .. right? Plus, my peers went in our place ;) …. mmmm, we just want to watch the movie titled “Friends with Benefits” .. and so it happened … ;)

I love the thought of the story … so cute ;) And here’s my favorite lines of the characters:

Here’s where the conflict starts…

Jamie: No relationship, No Emotions, Just Sex…..

Dylan: But at the end we’re still friends….

But at the end of the story ….

The guy character says:

Dylan: I want my best-friend back  cos I’m in love with her …..


Well… I find it sweet :D



Guys don’t like cos

It keeps me wonder…

Why guys don’t like to watch a love story movie??

If your answer is “It looks them like a gay” ….


You guys also feel what a guy character feels right? You guys also cry right? You guys can also feel love right?

So? What’s the problem with that?

Hmmmm ;)

just sayin anyways …    :D :D :D