What? – Is She High?

So there’s an average couple. Third party came and she gave in, she cheated. Then the night of confrontation, after her loving husband asked her to go home with him with all the tears flowing in his cheeks, and she will just say “You’re such a good guy, I really hope you will find nice girl”. What?, is she high? And in the end, that guy whom she felt something more will just hit her? Aw man!

The movie Temptation (click the link for trailer) is what I am talking about. I saw this movie in suggestion list so I download it. Watching the movie, watching how she wanted to be wanted crushed her makes me strongly believe that contentment is what we all need.


By the way, hello everyone!


Are you an avid fan of super heroes?

Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman and other man man man man. Actually I’m really not into it! I don’t have a favorite one! But it all changes my course when THE AVENGERS save me from army of darkness!

Last Wednesday in my time-zone, It wasn’t in our to-do-list but I and fia watched the movie “THE AVENGERS”! WhoOoOoahh. As in! The movie was so COOL, FUN AND WORTH IT TO WATCH! ;)
I so do love IRON MAN, the richest superhero in the world. I love how he brought humor, laugh and fun in the story! I shout for ROBERT DOWNEY! Incredible Hulk, the angry bird of all the heroes! He said to Captain America: “Don’t worry Captain, I’m always angry!” WhoOoaah! And turns to HULK! I so do love how he smashed those ugly freak army! And fia shout for MARK RUFFALO!! OOOOOHHHHH MY …. OHH EMM GEE :D And by the way, IRON MAN saves the world by throwing the bomb outside Earth and HULK saves him by his own strong voice as a INCREDIBLE HULK!! Jeeezzz!

Guys, do watch AVENGERS. It’s not yet late! ;) Fia and I watched it without even a hassle. We dress up just we’re only in out home. As in, shorts and shirt that’s intended for home use! LOL. We don’t bother at all. Who cares, right? We sit just like we’re only in our home, putting in our feet in the seat. We don’t bother at all. Who cares, right? We laugh, talk, and react how the movie going just like we’re only in our home. We don’t bother at all. Who cares, right? LOL I can’t imagine myself watching it all alone. LOL We’re just laughing around! :P

My next target movie is the DARK SHADOWS! It’s Johnny Depp, I can’t miss that out! :P Well, fia isn’t still sure if she’s going with me! Whew!

Happy Viewing Everyone!

30DHB +1Dare: Day 29

Day 29 — My television is showing the same show on every channel. I really don’t mind watching ____________ (from the 1960’s) and I really love this show because…

I wonder why I do use the alternative question so early! LOL, I can’t really relate on that Q tho I replace it. I hope there’s a second alternative so that I use on this day! Haha….

Actually! I not a fan of watching television show today! Work -> School -> Bedroom and back to Work and so on… not really, I’m not watching tv anymore, just having a glimpse of the show! And besides the is back 1960’s! And I don’t know any show back that time!

Speaking of shows…… Hugo, a movie, is perfectly for this! It shows how giving importance to old fashion movie. Giving credit to where the movie started! That’s a good movie! I recommend it to you all ;)

Happy Watching Everyone !!

30DHB +1Dare: Day 12

Day 12 — My favorite song to dance and sing to when no one is looking…

My favorite song to dance and sing to when no one is looking is the song STAYING ALIVE, STAYING ALIVE AH AH AH AH YEE, STAYING ALIVE, STAYING ALIVE, STAYING ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!! Folding my elbows upward, hands closely laid in the air and one inch distant to my chin with my movi..movi..moving head forth and back! <can you imagine?> LOL Actually I do that in our office, just for fun and make ourselves laugh with my moves, fia like it much :P , right fing?! And since the question is NO ONE IS LOOKING ….. I just thought about it,. I’m watching the movie BURLESQUE of Christina Aguilera (as Ali)  just last night. A movie full of passion. Dude, I like her moves much on that movie and I even did a dance! Wahaha :P

Have a great day all!