Snow White And The Huntsman

I’m not a fan of Kristen Stewart but I am fan of action. I’m not a fan of Snow White but I am a fan of adventure. And the trailer just caught my interest. Last Tuesday, I was able to watched the movie and nevertheless it is worth it.

The Movie and The Characters:

Huntsman is a fearless protector and Snow White is a kind brave princess that a palace could be proud of. Not only drama and action but the movie brought a little comedy, the scene where they met the dwarfs. I also remember the movie Alice in wonderland when they reach the secret paradise in where the dwarfs live. Ravenna is a courageous evil indeed.

The Artists:

I don’t know why Kristen Stewart hit the Hollywood but I’m not convinced on how she act, even in Twilight tho I admit there are some scene that she really made it well. And what I like about her is how she shows intimacy in a kissing scene. Oh well.

I haven’t seen Thor’s movie but I saw Avengers. Chris Hemsworth is cool and he played the Huntsman’s role very well besides Chris is a beautiful man.

-> I can’t comment on others simply because I won’t 😛 seriously I don’t know them. LOL

What’s next in our movie trip is THE DICTATOR. I can’t wait to laugh. Ha ha. That if the theaters here will released the movie. 😛 Does anyone here saw the 21 Jump Street of Channing Tatum, the movie is hilarious too. Such a crazy cops. 😛

That’s all for today. Boston and Miami’s game is starting. Good Luck for both teams.

Have a great Sunday and weekend all.

~ Shira

God Must Be Crazy….

I do wish that the way people live in this movie, I wish today we do too. Live simpler, no fight, solemn interaction, people move and work as community. I wish human are contented and able to find satisfaction to all of what they have, to all of what they need not of what they wanted.

~ Shira

The Dark Shadows – Within Me

The Dark Shadows of Johnny Depp, one of the gorgeous male artist in Hollywood that I adore much! 

It was/is a good movie and cos the vampire thing plus Depp are my favorite, I’ll rate it 5 out of 5! 😉 No, I’m not bias! The movie speaks so!

Of not so random movie family, love, sacrifices, choices is what its all about! What’s new?

A witch(Angeli) fall in love with a strong man, a strong man(Barnabas) who fall with a very normal woman(Josette)! Triangle? Yes! Whatever tho! Love story is always sizzling complicated! Cos Barnabas rejected Angeli’s love and can’t fool himself and can’t love other woman than his one true love, the witch compel Josette to kill herself jump into the cliff where Barnabas did too and that the curse begins. Angeli turn him into a handsome Vampire! After 195 yrs (which corrected by Angeli) locked down in a coffin buried 6ft on the ground, Barbanas back to the world with full of ignorance! SO FUNNY! 😛 And the history repeats again, reincarnation of Josette which happen to be named Vicky! The picture is perfectly like the old time! One thing you should await is the love scene of Angeli and Barnabas! So hot and wild! Moving on……What did the father of Barnabas Collins tell him and still stick on my head is: “Family is the only real wealth”. The witch curse the Collins Family and it stared with Barnabas. Every family has a secret, has dark shadows kept at night! Watch the movie and find what those are and the ending………’s for you to find out! And by the way, I “very much like” the hairstyle of Vicky! So cute! 

(Tom, I understand your flight has been cancelled!) May 17, another history I made. Watching the movie The Dark Shadows alone!


A Movie Date With My Dearest Self: Hunger Games

Maybe, one of the weirdest thing I’ve done is watching a movie all alone! Have you? Tho maybe not the weirdest thing for you!

Yesterday, wasn’t really a good vibes. Things are lil complicated and pretty sucks. But anyways…. today is not! Going to give some review of the movie titled HUNGER GAMES!

Last March 18, I was with my friends watching Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang! It’s a Pinoy movie, I’d say, very worth it to watch for the Filipino people too. 🙂 Erich Gonzales really portray the character well. Hmmm…. before this movie started, theatre shows trailer of the coming soon movies. That’s the time I learned about Hunger Games. The trailer itself amazed me much!

After my work yesterday, I chose to watched the movie alone! I have two waffle pineapple and one Cali(apple flavor) with me!

Tape is rolling……

Whooo…just found out yesterday. They just included the trailer of Hugo! Just by this time, you think its pretty late? 😛 Anyways….

The Hunger Games…..

I love story of the movie. Saving her sister shows how much does her family meant to her. Katniss is a picture of brave and strong girl! I like her character.

I like to be in Capitol, not to participate in Hunger games but, feels like I’m in wonderland. Their customes, make up, the foods are even yummier. While the Capitol is so abundant, every district is starving 😦 Sad part of the movie.

Every district has two repesentatives in the game. At middle of the story, there’s a love between Katniss and Peeta, her partner. Cutest part of every story 😛 I like how the movie goes, they both survive cos they both rather die than to kill each other. Good lesson for a team. “ALWAYS TOGETHER”…..

Tho the ending….I found it hanging! Is there a Part 2? LOL….


A Movie Review: Sad Movie

Each and every one of us has its own favorite and worst movie ever, right? Different genre yet all reflects in our life! Movie is what we actually seen in real life! Rowan Atkinson, Russel Peters who else made u laugh? In love story, I adore Amanda Seyfried, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams. Well, that’s all for Hollywood. In Philippine Stars, Oh geez.. Star Magic Talents are always been awesome for me!

Okay, I’m telling you all of these?  Last Sunday, while fia and I felt boredom .. we decided to go in movie marathon!! 😀 She borrowed dvd’s and all are Korean movies, well.. we’re kinda Korean fanatic also! One title catches my interest. ‘SAD MOVIE’ 😉

Movie starts with a lil jolly mood 🙂 t’was cute..really! Tho, as the movie goes to 1/4 of the story. My tears fell. 😛 Yeah.. Crying over till the movie ends!! Ahaha, even fia too.. She said, her tears didn’t get shy because she’s watching it with me.. nyahaha.. no teases happened because I lead the crying ladies show 😛

The characters:

~ a girl who’s deaf and mute

~ her sister who is normal, news interpreter for deaf & mute and has a fireman boyfriend.

~ a guy who’s jobless! oohh, he’s human punching bag that has a cashier girlfriend who broke up with her.

~ there’s a clumsy painter. who admire a snowhite mascot and that mascot is the first girl I mentioned.

~ a working mom which been hated by her own son

Snowhite mascot has a crush in that painter. Because she also help him everytime he drop his things, somehow he likes her so he wanted to paint the face behind that cute mascot! Their story went sad when the guy need to go abroad to study tho, before he leave he meet the that girl without wearing that snowhite mascot and paint her twice! 😉

That working mom has a cancer. The saddest part of her story is, her son began to love her when she’s almost dying. They didn’t given a chance to spend MORE time. 😦

The day after that jobless guy been broke up by his girlfriend he’s walking down to his home when he passed by in a telephone booth, a girl asked for his help. She asked him to say to his boyfriend that she’s breaking up with him because she can’t do it. Then, an idea came to his mind and that thought become his job called ‘Break UP Agency’ . Someone just email him with full details and he will be the one to say it. Isn’t it great? LOL. The story went sad, when someone emailed him. It’s a guy who will breaking up to his girlfriend and that girl is his ex-gf which he truly love. t’was his second to the last client. U know who was his last client? The son of that working mom, he wants to say to her mom that.. she need to fight and be well again and he’ll promise to be good forever. That is a different case since he started that job tho, he decided to end that interesting job.

And saddest story in that movie is about that news interpreter and his fireman boyfriend. The girl wanted that his boyfriend to propose, issues because they both really in love with each other. You know what her reason? Because if the guy will propose to her, somehow before he enter and rescue others in the fire.. he’ll think of her first and be determine to get out in that fire safely. This part was really the heart breaking point. He waited for her girlfriend in a restaurant, he even practiced on how to say it 😉 Cute, isn’t it?!! The girl still at work, when there’s a news came… saying that there are dead in a fire and including in the list is her sweet ever boyfriend. That stopped her track. 😦 Day after that incident, the head of his boyfriend asked her to come in their office to give something. That’s his things including the ring and there’s a video tape also. That tape shows what happened in the fire while they were investigating the incident they found something . At the end if the tape, his boyfriend do the sign language that says: I LOVE YOU FOREVER!! That his last message to his girlfriend.

Then our tears fell all down!! 😦

It’s a sad movie indeed! 😦

What does he tell, What does he say

Its started with the Impeachment of Chief Justice Corona, and as we ate we talked about the moon because last night the moon was so perfect and papa shared that lunar eclipse happened in our Saturday night and I didn’t have a chance to glance that scenario cos I fell asleep early. LOL  And  then I suddenly open up government issues. Got good conversation with my papa last night 😉  He’s too intelligent and I can’t even rebut and I need to sharpen my reasoning. Oh well, not just last night but every time I talked with my papa, yes I also shared my side but most often I learn more things from him. 

I remembered when I was still in my high school, me, my sister and my papa had a conversation about love, commitment, relationship and etc. My sister was still in her college and my papa give an advice to us, girls, that its better to have no commitment or boy/girl relationship cos it might affect our studies. Tho he also added that, yeah, it might be but  just make sure that you’ll responsible enough to handle things. And you know what did my papa told me? uhmm.. you may find it harsh but I doubt you won’t cos I realized t’was true. He said, its SO rare that is someone out there who will be a man enough to stand for me and be serious in having a relationship with me. (ouch? LOL) You know, I only stand 4’4”, am so petite. IFY, among in my family I’m the most special,not mentally tho physically. Note, I’m not dragging myself down, just telling the truth and reality is this. In that note, what did my papa tell me was just trying to remind me that if someday if I’ll fall in love I’m brave enough to take in that picture, he’s just protecting me cos after all, people are cruel enough and hurt me easily cos I’m weak and not that strong to stop my tears dropping down into my cheeks.

Indeed, me and my papa has also in common denominator you know .. 😛 oh, include my sister please .. LOL

We love action movie. Pretty much 🙂 ♥ tho, I dunno if my sister do but what sure is … me and my papa love James Bond Story (007). Who wouldn’t love that character ??? LOL, What’s the common denominator is, you knew the latest actor today in James Bond movie? Daniel Craig? Oh well, my papa and I don’t him much. He’s lack of charisma, and  we weren’t amazed much in Casino Royale. Whoops?!! Did I hurt Danile’s fans here? Oh, my apology, just sharing my opinion and nothing personal. LOL 😛

But  hey hey hey .. another common denominator, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan was our most favorite James Bond actors 🙂 In my side, they’re not that hunk but dude geez .. they simply flew me away. LOL … especially Pierce Brosnan 🙂 He’s too handsome, hunk(for me), and has great charisma that even today I still got a crush on him. Whew .. 😛 😛 Oh my .. going crazy thinking about him … (evil laugh) 😛 😛

Who’s your bet among James Bond actors? LOL

What did you remember that your dad tell and say to you???

Care to share?

Yes .. you’ve been tagged… 😛

Beyond Life

My pick for the week for Tuesday Couch Potatoes is the movie titled ‘Ghost‘. 

Back early on 2007, I stayed for awhile in my uncle’s place cos he asked me to. I was just alone in that night, so bored so decided to turned the tv on. I don’t know specifically what channel was that but I was able to catch up this movie. Introduction was lil appeared suspense, so the movie catch my interest.

What message did I get from this movie?
  1. Death can’t stop you to love and;
  2. Know who are your true friend(s).

If you really love someone, death can’t stop you from doing it so. Beyond life, there’s still love that worth keeping for. Especially if that someone gives a true meaning into your life and gives an impact in your realization what’s your worth in this world. We may not know the whole story of your story, but we know something. We may not have experience of what you had gone through life but we also experienced something rare.

And knowing who are your true friends is kinda tricky cos everyone is busy wearing mask and only few remains not to. Real friends sees your worst character and accept how can cruel you can be.

The Real One(s)

The giant panda is a terrestrial animal and primarily spends its life roaming and feeding in the bamboo forests of the Qinling Mountains and in the hilly Sichuan Province. Giant pandas are generally solitary, and each adult has a defined territory and females are not tolerant of other females in their range. Pandas communicate through vocalization and scent marking such as clawing trees or spraying urine. The giant panda is able to climb and take shelter in hollow trees or rock crevices but does not establish permanent dens. For this reason, pandas do not hibernate, which is similar to other subtropical mammals, and will instead move to elevations with warmer temperatures.  Pandas rely primarily on spatial memory rather than visual memory

Social encounters occur primarily during the brief breeding season in which pandas in proximity to one another will gather. After mating, the male leaves the female alone to raise the cub.

(Powered by Wiki 😛 )

Why I’m talking Panda? Have you seen Kung Fu Panda 2? Sure  you do… Panda name ‘Po’ is a bellied lovable Panda, who can resist his cuteness? You can’t resist him dude. 😛 😀 Though the lesson I learned from this movie is, finding where you came from is not that important, though yes it has a factor in your life but knowing who you are, who care about you, who matters to you is what more important to think of. What or Who are in our present is what we most prefer to give attention to, because those who are we encounter in our present has two destination, to be part of our past or to continue to be part of our future.

So think who cares about you, think who those give you importance and love. If you find them, be with them, be part of their life as they take you in their lives.