Sang: Poker Face

Today’s daily prompt:

A misused word, a misremembered song lyric, a cream pie that just happened to be there: tell us about a time you (or someone else) said or did something unintentionally funny.

Carry my, carry my you my know my poker face, she’s got a lovely body! P-p-p-poker face!

HAHAHA┬áDang! LOL ­čśŤ

I remember it singing during my freshman year in college! LOL

Do You Know?

Essay, analysis…. how good you do your school activities?

Last June when classes are back here in PH, first meeting of one of our major subject prof asked us to make a song analysis. This post was 2mos old. Supposedly, I’m going to share my answer but I forgot all my words written in half cross-wise yellow paper.

So why I’m able to publish this? Last Wednesday, prof return all our paper works. But instead of mine, I’m going to share one of my classmate’s work. I already ask her permission about this so…. you know ­čśŤ It caught me cos prof gave her a perfect score. So I guess, fair enough if I share it all to you. Be inspired of life!

In our very young minds there are lots of plans, dreams to achieve, goals that we want to succeed in life, fantasies that we want to have, but the question is where we are going to?

A song is made because it is dedicated on something. This song was made to make an individual realize how important to know first what the things we want to have and what are the needs we need to have. It is important to bear in mind that we should always know where to go in order for us to set an exact plan and make a right decision. Life is never easy if you don’t know know where you are standing. Without dedication, your dreams and goals will be hard to achieve because there is no point on what you are doing. It is just like you have no God and it is really hard because you don’t know what is right and wrong. God is always there to help us, to guide us ┬áand to love us. Never ask too much. Know first what do you need and then supply your wants.

Making decisions need a thorough planning. Once you decide there is no turning back that is why, make every decision a very satisfying one. Plan wholeheartedly and decide exactly. Never forget to have faith in God because only Him you can trust, only Him you have strength and only Him you have everything. Place your mind in a way that you are at ease, never rush yourself because it will only make you down if you do.

Live life with its true meaning.


Do you know where you’re going to?

You Would Do The Same If The Tables Were Reversed Baby ?

I just want to share this song to all of you guys. Priceless by Melanie Fiona. Oh man! I’m loving Melanie.

Priceless lyrics

1st verse:
If I was million miles away
Could you promise that our love would be safe
And if a beautiful girl was in face would you remember
Even remember my name
I need to know right where you stand
Cause I’d give up everything I have
And baby for your love, if thats what it takes to last

I swear for you boy I’d go to extremes
Cause our love is priceless
Our love is priceless
Take my car, take my home, take everything
Cause our love is priceless
Our love is priceless

2nd verse:
If there’s ever hurt inside your heart
Better believe that you could run right into these arms
Nowhere could ever be too far
For me to come get ya
Cause nothing can keep us apart
I need to know that you feel the same
Cause I’d sacrafice all that I got today
And baby for your love, I’m down to go all the way

I swear for you boy I’d go to extremes
Cause our love is priceless
Our love is priceless
Take my car, take my home, take everything
Cause our love is priceless
Our love is priceless

To the edge of the earth I’d go to
Save you thats what your girl supposed to do
But I need to know that
You would do the same if the tables were reversed baby
Yeah, ain’t nothing I can’t
Give up in this world for my man
Ain’t no use in trying to fight this
Cause this here love is priceless

I swear for you boy I’d go to extremes
Cause our love is priceless
Our love is priceless
Take my car, take my home, take everything
Cause our love is priceless
Our love is priceless

I hope you like the song guys. isn’t it nice?

Lyrics credit to Elyrics

– Shira

Have you ever wonder, WHY?

Have you go over and read and comment in my meme entry for July 2012? Have you gone to answer those questions too, even just in mind?

I’ve played a song today and made me asked a question. So, I wanna relate it to one of the question of the meme. I already asked the permission of Mr.Tom Baker regarding of using the question and gladly he let me. So here it is ….

I’m thinking about the 6th question:

6. If you could get into the mind  of anyone (living or dead) and read all their thoughts, whose mind would you choose to raid?

If ever I am given a chance to raid one’s mind, that would be the composer(s) of this song.

Of all the music I able to listen, Hotel California has the longest instrumental intro. HAHA. Well, honestly I love the song but I wonder why Don Felder, Glenn Frey, Don Henley made the song that way.

Have you wonder too? hmmmmm

It’s Amazing!

thirty three
It’s Amazing
With the blink of an eye you finally see the light

It’s Amazing
When the moment arrives that you know you’ll be alright

It’s Amazing
And I’m sayin’ a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight

by Aerosmith

I really love the song. My most favorite of all.

By Chance Of Era

The era we have is not for a life time. People  that always there for us is neither not for a life time. Not for a life time we hope. Not for a life time we expect. Not for a life time to be hurt. Not for a life time in the time of our life. Not for the life time we choose. 

~ Shira

Fixed Me!

The drum rolling

Rolling through you

You, fix me to be done

Fix me, for I am fragile

Fix me, for I am decently vigorous

Fix me, for you steal my soul

Fix me, for you rip my innocence

Fix me, for you are my dirty pleasure

Fix me, for me to be and drive you freely

Fix me, for my desire rested upon you

Fix me, for my fingertips runs toward you

Fix me, for everything falls so damn right

Fix me for this loneliness is a creature to be dumped

Fix me before I lose control

Fix me while my dignity is still here

Fix me and I lick you down to hell

Fix me and make sure it well be done before fixing me is a damn so wrong

Fix me babe and I will be yours without a doubt

Poetry ┬ęShira2012

Something Different!

This is something different.. Have you ever tried to move so slowly, moving your body so slow, making your body sway, moving your body like a crazy one, dancing with the music and your music is something┬ásoft mellow rock music ?? ­čśÇ Cos am doing that right now . scary? crazy? LOL

Here’s my FAVORITE playlist :

  1. Wish you were here
  2. Closing Time
  3. I’m fallin even more in love with you
  4. Jet Lag
  5. Look After
  6. All We Are
WOW … move and dance with me .. move and dance the you like cos i love to see you moving just like what your heart says!! Move Move .. Dance Dance!!┬á