Greetings: Hello Year 2015!

Greetings: Hello Year 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! Have a prosperous year ahead of you and your family!


Writing this post on the 1st day of December makes me feel blue floating on the clouds looking back to the past hours, days, weeks, months and years. Yes, December 2012 has come and we can’t stop the world going ’round!

Last year was a cold December because I was totally brokenhearted last December and took months and months for me to finally moved on. T’was really a cold December for my heart but nothing as cold as how ‘Sendong'(tropical storm) brought tears to Filipinos especially to Kagay-anons heart. A lot people died, missing and unidentified and a lot of family lose their homes. December 16 would be Sendong’s grief’s anniversary. I believe Cagaya de Oro back then was not just devastated by storm alone. I know many still shocked and can’t move on especially for those who lose their family. It is not easy, losing someone is never easy!

But then again, this is another year to cherish! December is when people get more excited! Family get together, 13th month pay for those who work, Christmas break for students and Jesus birthday is almost coming. 🙂 Just like last year, I can’t make it in attending ‘Simbang Gabi’ (Filipino traditionally go to church at 4AM for 9 days till Christmas comes). Let’s face the tomorrow together with all positive thoughts in our heart and mind.

Happy first day of December all. xOxO