What? – Is She High?

So there’s an average couple. Third party came and she gave in, she cheated. Then the night of confrontation, after her loving husband asked her to go home with him with all the tears flowing in his cheeks, and she will just say “You’re such a good guy, I really hope you will find nice girl”. What?, is she high? And in the end, that guy whom she felt something more will just hit her? Aw man!

The movie Temptation (click the link for trailer) is what I am talking about. I saw this movie in suggestion list so I download it. Watching the movie, watching how she wanted to be wanted crushed her makes me strongly believe that contentment is what we all need.


By the way, hello everyone!

Do You Know?

Essay, analysis…. how good you do your school activities?

Last June when classes are back here in PH, first meeting of one of our major subject prof asked us to make a song analysis. This post was 2mos old. Supposedly, I’m going to share my answer but I forgot all my words written in half cross-wise yellow paper.

So why I’m able to publish this? Last Wednesday, prof return all our paper works. But instead of mine, I’m going to share one of my classmate’s work. I already ask her permission about this so…. you know 😛 It caught me cos prof gave her a perfect score. So I guess, fair enough if I share it all to you. Be inspired of life!

In our very young minds there are lots of plans, dreams to achieve, goals that we want to succeed in life, fantasies that we want to have, but the question is where we are going to?

A song is made because it is dedicated on something. This song was made to make an individual realize how important to know first what the things we want to have and what are the needs we need to have. It is important to bear in mind that we should always know where to go in order for us to set an exact plan and make a right decision. Life is never easy if you don’t know know where you are standing. Without dedication, your dreams and goals will be hard to achieve because there is no point on what you are doing. It is just like you have no God and it is really hard because you don’t know what is right and wrong. God is always there to help us, to guide us  and to love us. Never ask too much. Know first what do you need and then supply your wants.

Making decisions need a thorough planning. Once you decide there is no turning back that is why, make every decision a very satisfying one. Plan wholeheartedly and decide exactly. Never forget to have faith in God because only Him you can trust, only Him you have strength and only Him you have everything. Place your mind in a way that you are at ease, never rush yourself because it will only make you down if you do.

Live life with its true meaning.


Do you know where you’re going to?

Not My Usual Thing → Horoscopes

I am a ….

Despite your best efforts, you are not coming up with the answers you want, either in your work life or in a romantic situation. There is only so much you can do to get to the truth right now, and you might need to get comfortable with the fact that it will be elusive for a while. Turn your attention to other matters, and keep yourself distracted with things that make you feel successful — like your favorite hobby. Your brain needs to feel that progress is being made somewhere.

From Yahoo

Hmmmm ….. Checking horoscope is not my thing. But I came across to my yahoo page then scrolled down and hola! Found this. Well. No comment. Couldn’t disagree.

~ Shira


Sometimes, our intentions are not clearly seen. We utter words which we not intend to be understood wrongly. Perhaps, choosing a word to say can’t please everyone the way how we see it just in mid. We can be straight forward tho frankly, we most say things without even thinking.

Quote ©Shira2012

Or am I just the one?

Actually, I made a mistake this morning! As what I’ve said in my bio, I simply say what I want to say and I mean it. I mean it cos that’s what I think, I see, I observe and prolly it’s up to you if you gonna take it so badly. Well, I’m slightly harsh/blunt. People will prove to you that they worthy enough by “staying”. They stay cos they are who they are when they are around you. Oh, I mean not really a mistake but I guess I hurt someone’s ego! Stop turning the table. Actually, hmm I guess it’s next to impossible that you’re reading this tho, what I only want is to know you more. But I guessing it’s better not. I am happy talking to you. I can flip my hair so gracefully. But I won’t gonna let myself so addicted to you cos at the first place, for some reasons that I know, I shouldn’t be.

Good Evening Everyone!


Writing From The Heart: Question #3


What I want to known for is…

Known as a Public Enemy of the world!

Crazy? Pathetic?

Isn’t it? Yes it is!

It says write from the heart! That’s what I wanna be. To be honest, who wouldn’t love to be known as a remarkable good person on earth? huh? This might be blunt tho, sadly when we do good things and people that has the power, that has the authority will simply make people/public believe that they’re the one who did it. Frankly, it is the reality! Pretending to be good in public! Ugh. I don’t want be a public servant.  Well, I’m not either planning to work in non-profit organization. Not in my plans, YET! Tho, WHO KNOWS?

Happy Thinking Everyone!!!


Writing From The Heart: Question #1

30 days blogging of honesty +  1 dare is partly done. Partly because I’m not yet done with my dare and heck I’m so confused which one will I choose! 😛

Moving on! Have you wondered what’s my title post all about? 😉 Well, getting started, I will join the 40 Photo-Illustrated Questions to Refocus Your Mind. I came to learn about this from Ms.Cafe, Janice! (See her post on her first day!) Every question can make up your mind..soo…

Let’s roll it ……..

Q #1

Do you believe that you’ve changed? Either good or bad way? Do you? Well, you should believe that you’ve changed even in a very small way! Change is the only constant thing that hasn’t/don’t change! Amiss?

I must admit! I’ve changed! People change! Who doesn’t change? Change is the result of something we came across in our journey and change is the only way you could move out or even take a little step in your life!

For instance! You like to play in the casino, very well, you have a lot of money but because you lose 1billion enough to turn you into a beggar, you’ve changed. You start all over again and avoid passing by in casino or hate gamble place. Because of that experience, something wakes you up!

Now, what can I do today that I was not capable of doing a year ago?

One year is a long time enough for every possible circumstance that might happen, even in just one day…a lot of things happen! It only has two picture… things coming in and things coming out to our life! That single change affect us more than we could think of!

As time changes me, I can say…

I am more hopeless today than yesterday! Yet, I am happier today than yesterday!

Can you get me? I might be so confuzzling some time or all the time perhaps but,, this is what does my heart tells my mind to speak and command my hands to type! If you are given a chance to be with me, you can say I am a happy person, with my laugh and giggle..it shows that I’m really am! What’s the disadvantage if people knows that you are so cheerful is… the moment you stop for a second to be jolly and the smile on your face is gone for a moment; people will start running away from you!

Yes, tell me, haven’t you move distant when the person you’ve known to be cheerful start frowning? Can’t be a cheerful person stop for awhile putting some shine to people’s life?

Yes, I am hopeless! Tho what makes me happier is I know who’s willing to stay despite no one left from those expected people who would you think would stay!

Life is a roller coaster and a duration of one year can’t count how many ups, downs, twist we have in life!

But one thing for sure is, through blogging I can fully express myself, my thoughts, my heart that I wasn’t capable of doing one year ago! Gaining self-confidence more than I thought I can have from blogging. And this can’t happen without the help of the people who give me more courage in writing, people who can’t just simply eradicate no matter how I wanted to!

WhoOoa… (this post is so satisfactory!!!!)


Not a blunt opinion, just a reality!

Last night, I was in the first birthday celebration of my friend’s baby. I enjoyed the lil reunion of with my high school buddies 😀 I got lot of fun and laughter until the moment we  were in the ‘Moterela’. I stopped to divisoria to took a Jeepney. Then as the Jeepney was in the public market area, I saw a very upsetting scenario.

There was a guy with his motorbike, in front of him was a kid holding something a ball. The guy tried, noo, not just tried but he really gave a fist on that kiddo’s head. And didn’t get contended, he stepped out from his bike and got nearer to the kid which gave him a chance to give a clearer fist to the kiddo’s head! 😥

DAMN… DUDE.. DUDE… MENNNNNN… He is just a kid. If he did something wrong then a physical reprimand is NOT a good stand. I really don’t know the whole story but I, the passengers in the Jeepney saw that scenario and we pity that kiddo 😦 The reality here in Philippines, poverty is very prone, there are families who live in streets. So maybe that kid was playing the ball then accidentally threw it towards the guy, or whatever. But jeez, there’s a better option than that, right? Just saying…

Now, I remember one of Tom’s post , he get upset every time he hears in the news that children are the victims! Hmm I don’t know either some time I got a phobia, no not really like that but every time there are kids around me I get scared because they can say what they want to say! They’re not aware that their words are like a knife and could nearly kill my heart. Tho, I realized last night I still do have a heart for them, I still have the heart of the kids whom I afraid of. Not really that I hate them. Big guys/girls must understand how kids act in their age.

Just expressing some thought about this.. What you think?

Finally! I’ve been tagged! HA! :P


Okay, yesterday I’ve learned that there’s a fun game goin’ on here in WordPress. Saw it first on Janice‘s blog. It’s fun, really 😛 I got much fun answering their Qs. Oh “their” I also answered Andy’s Qs too. LOL 😛 and he’s dodging me to do it in a formal way!(following the said rules) 😛 LOL but surprisingly, as I open my blog this morning.. HURRAY!! … finally someone’s tagged me 😛 Jess tagged me! #hugs 😀

Let’s start to rock and roll bloggers 😛


1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

Her curiosities [questions]:

1.  Who are you (not what you do, who you are)?

> Who me? Still looking for my definite self!

2.  What was your biggest or simplest mistake and what did you learn from it?

> Doing things in last minute ~ Time is gold!

3.  Have you genuinely smiled at a complete stranger today?

> Today? Nope, still so early as I walked down the road heading work but yesterday, Yes I did! 😛

4.  Growing up, did you ever have an imaginary friend?

> No. Ohwps, yes.. my imaginary friend is my other self O.O “is” cos till now I always talking to myself. You think I’m insane? NO. LOL

5.  What are you most afraid of and why do you think that is (fish, commitment, love, spaghetti, etc.)?

> First would be the ‘flying cockroach’. I won’t really forget when I was still a kid, a flying cockroach seems like a plane landing on my head ~ I screammmmmmm (ahhhh) and cried. LOL So every time there’s a flying cockroach I always hide in my blanket 😛

> Secondly, going to hill or even climbing to mountain is cool. I’m kinda love adventure also. Tho, what I’m afraid of is going down back to the ground! Feels like the gravity forcely pulling me down. You know I imagine a lot! Ha! Maybe I am afraid of heights? What u think? 

> Third, being rejected! I might think jumping from that hill down to ground! LOL

6.  If you could trade lives with anyone, would you?  If so, who and why (is it always greener on the other side)?

> Trade? Prolly yes! Yesterday there’s this old woman asking for help(literally for money) I gave her which I think is not enough but in return she said it is already big enough for what she asked. She’s kind. So, I’m going to trade lives to anyone I’ll choose that kind of life. Why because we can’t really realize what is enough until we are in that situation where what we think is enough is already too much! (weeps)

7.  What if all the clocks on the earth suddenly vanished, would you care?

> No. Every moments I share with anyone is what only matter not the time I share with them! Moment counts!

8.  Would you rather be a Dinosaur or a Wooly Mammoth and why?

> I’ll choose Wooly Mammoth. I love their fangs! 😛

9.  Who or what, simple or complex, what has impacted and altered your entire perspective?

> There’s this guy making me realize that doing what my heart want is not impossible. No matter how hard the road is, there’s always a way where you can nearly see your passion! 🙂

10.  Do you believe in Heaven? (If not, do you believe in Hell)?

> I believe in Heaven! Each time I find peace in my heart I am in Heaven 😀

11.  If you could tell one person (random or not) what would you tell them (advice, forgiveness, funny joke, i love you, i am sorry, i love turtles, don’t walk in dark alleys, kiss me, etc.)?

> Mama, Papa, Mhel(sissy), Twitam(lil bro) ~ I love you so much and I am sorry if I can’t utter those words. I know you know that. 😀 

12.  Do you believe?

> I do believe!

Alright! I did it. I did it. I did it like Dora did! 😀  That’s tough Qs Jess 😛

Ehem! time to blows mine..silly Qs here we go.. up up in the air:

1. Exotic food you ate or you want to eat?

2. Worst food you ever taste?

3. Have u experience doing pee in your pants? (No. Don’t think back in your child days 😛 )

4. What animal you are?

5. Where you last standing?

6. Biggest dream back you’re still a kid?

7. Winnie the Pooh or Tweety Bird?

8. Which you prefer to hug, Sun or Moon? 😛

9. Decisions you made where everybody gain from it except of you?

10. There’s a river, will you cross it?

11. What one question you’ll gonna ask me?

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😀 Happy Blogging guys, It would be more fun if you join this fad 😛 LOL And if you don’t see your blog right up there(looks up).. you’re been tagged also, just unspoken 😀

The Problem and The Reason

No matter how you want to be understood, you can always be misunderstood especially when people jump directly to their conclusion without even asking you and give you a chance to explain, without even knowing the real story and reasons behind those phenomenon!

Be frank enough!

Be a man who stand to his words!

Be a lady who stand to what she believe! 

~ Shira