Daily Prompt: Dear Mom

Daily Prompt


Write a letter to your mom. Tell her something you’ve always wanted to say, but haven’t been able to. 


Dear Mom,

This is your lovely daughter, Shira, if ever you able to read this post of mine, what I’ve always wanted to say is I do love you and I am sorry if I am not the nicest daughter you ever wish for! But I know, even if I am not you will still love me unconditionally and that love will always be there no matter what.

I’ve always wanted to say: Ma, teach me how to cook! I wanted to cook for you and for Papa! I wanted to give you a massage but I’m sorry because I am just so so lazy. I wanted to shop you clothes and treat you yummy foods!

I know everyone has a flaw and even I don’t like some your character which I also inherited and which is I don’t like it too, sometimes, HAHA …..

What I’m just trying to say is, I will always love you!

Me and Mama

Numb Turning To A Health Freak Conscious

Before anything else, I wanna greet and say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mom through out the world especially to my, to our mama who’s been so loving to us! Hope you’ll continue to be our light and you will always be our mama no matter what happen!


Just so you know guys, I am more in healthy stuff now and less unhealthy! (weeeeee Shira?) Hmm, yeah! I am trying much, trying to be healthy in a simple way! I started my afternoon jog, maybe not everyday tho atleast I’m taking some action to it! Many says and I found it true that “taking jog adds another year of your life” I’m afraid I can’t do it when semester starts this June! Classes are in afternoon so, for sure my body will stuck up again, be burnt out and tired! Been doing hola hoop at home too. Maybe I should invade push-up and others at home too! (shrugs)

In terms of food, well most of you knew that I am a McDo fan. Uuughhh, well sorry for myself cos I will truly minimize eating Ronald’s product! No, I’m not gonna quit eating just a lil control of those food. And if possible want to eat only vegetables, rice and others that so acceptable for healthy menu 😉 Proud to say, before I really eat veggies tho lately been eating veggies A LOT 😀

And at this moment! I’m having a cold 😦 the worst common sick I always have. It drives my eyes to teary mode also. Why I’m sharing this is, someone suggest me to do something. When he knew I have cold he told me to get ginger, honey and hot water then mash them up in one cup! I only sliced a 3 small pieces of ginger and  put it in the cup where honey and hot water is already mixed. I didn’t PUKE (almost tho, hmm..not really). I didn’t puke tho the taste is so strange to me. I don’t eat ginger nor drink any liquid that has ginger! Just now! Honey! I love honey! Papa always recommend me, us to take honey when we are having cough! I don’t know if it is really effective tho just starting to drink it. How does it make me feel better? Does it really effective? Hehehe, Hope you can answer my curiosity! 😛

Once again,

Happy Mother’s Day


Life must go on! Have a happy life! And A Poem For Myself

Yesterday is another roller coaster ride in my life.

Morning was really so blurd! I mean, first 3hours of working hours was really bad. Having a bad bad internet connection 😦 Others are lucky and I am the only one who’s having a shit problem! But thanks to my patient co-wokers who really help me, not to mention Monit whom I consume her lil time on fixing my connection and to kuya_Jaymer who come up solve the issue 🙂
Thank you all! 🙂

But what made me cry was another relevation on twitter! Damn! Don’t wanna talk about it! Made me sick!

After work, I didn’t come home directly. I went to Mall cos relatives and my parents going to discuss about mortgage issue in the barangay hall (smallest version of supreme court) LOL. I forgot the term for that! Then after I bought something in Mall, I went to Maccas. Mcdooo …. I ordered the green apple combo again! Well, this time I’m not happy of their service!

Fries box is not full 😦 I didn't take even one yet!
And less salt!

Ice cream didn't even reach the top level of the cup 😦

When I went home, I first saw my papa and when I asked about the result his response was good. Nothing for us to worry about! Well at first, legalities always in our side. They settled and hopefully be over sooner!

When I’m home, my day started to be all good way to night! As in! HAPPY SHA LALA …. HAPPY SHA LALA .. ITS SO NICE TO BE HAPPY SHA LALA 😀

I have another long chit chat with my dearest papa. T’was really fun. The conversation was all in laugh. He story his experience when he was still young! He even said how much he was in love with my mama and still is 🙂
I can’t still take away his story!

In our conversation, papa used deep words in our vernacular/native language! Heck and shame on me, I’m always asking what the heck are those words 😛 He even got to the point asking me… Are you really English now!?? and we were just laughing more. LOL

What I’ve learned! No no no, I am so much inspired with my papa! So much dude that can inspire me more than having a special someone.

Last night, I realized a tons of things…
The day before today I cut my hair off! Got my hair back in short type! No regret about that! Well its so expensive to be depress if girls are having a heart break and just want to move on truly. One bottle of beer isn’t enough too! I tell you that cos I’ve been there! Haha… OA!! Yet true!

Colt45 - not only for real men but also for real women 😛



I am a McDo girl and I know McDo/fastfood chain foods aren’t that good if you I eat their prodcuts DAILY! Heck, I’m too young to die 😛
So, I challenge myself not to eat McDo foods! Hey, how bout once a month? Haha … I challenge myself to eat McDo just once in a month! No worries you’ll if I cheated! Fia would be my watcher! 😉

I will miss you!

What I’ve conclude:

I am beautiful. Heck, throw away you heart break Shira! Don’t think much about him cos it just made me shed. (well, how can I? our neighbor always play love songs and he is always poping out in all of the sudden) Tho, No. I won’t gonna make myself miserable. Going to throw the heartaches I have. Life is too short to spend the half of mine in frowning! Right?!

Stop frowning! Dawn will come! 😀

And I’m going to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in a proper way! Proper diet. Mostly, I’m having my lunch at 2-3pm and sometimes no lunch! So, I’m not really that healthy. Tho, lucky me cos I eat veggies! Least I can still get nutrients!

Why I come up to these realization?
Because my papa just simply inspired me much!

I’m going to learn more things now and I am so willing to learn! Another is, I’m going to minimize my interaction in social media! No worries fans, (assuming) I’m not gonna leave blogging and wordpress! No way! 🙂 Twitter and Facebook, more less! Its not about work issue tho… I’ve been thinking this for a long time! So if you are happily to keeping in touch with me just email me in y personal gmail 😉 alluringshira@gmail.com 🙂

Its different when women decided to have a new look.

They intend to forget the hurtful memories they have and throw them away.

Cutting their hair, misery will go along with it.

A Poem For Myself

“I got my new hair”

I got my new hair.

New beginning for my strands.

They’ll grow as what the are.

New life.

New day to face.

New beginning to start.

New charm.

Give yourself a chance, Shira.

Chance to forget the pain.

If not, try harder.

Chance to make up to yourself.

You’re going to be stunning in someone’s eyes, one day.

Good Luck for the chances you take!

Have and Live a Happy Life Everyone!
We can do this!


A Letter For Myself (A Short Story)

Dear Shira,

How you doing? Same old same old?!

By the time you’re still in the womb of your mom

You were so talented, doing acrobatic and more stunts

Which results for you to be born with clubfeet.

You are lucky to have parents who find a way to make your life pretty normal

They heard you scream every time the smiling doctor twisting your soft little feet.

As days, weeks, months, years pass your giggle wash those pain.

You’ve learned A, B, C’s; count 1, 2, 3

You make them proud when you got medals.

You made them frown when you didn’t meet their expectations

Wherein they know that you can really do better

You make them happy when you become competitive

And brought disappointments when you’re in college

Come on.

When did the last time you made them proud?

Maybe unspoken.

Shira, I know you’ve grown not only physically, mentally but also emotionally.

You start wondering what does letters L-O-V-E

Which you found yourself utter when you felt the spark of lighting arrow of cupid.

You explore and found yourself hurt.

You stood and been okay for a year of doubt.

How have you’ve been now, Shira?

I heard you fell in love again but this time deeply?

How’s  your heart doing?

Tortured by you?

Cheer up, Shira

Forgive yourself for pushing away the person you love

Forget how it used to be

Keep moving together with the world

You’re a great woman more than you’ve imagined

You can be every thing in this universe as well

You are still young and can still make things up

The Way You Live Naturally, Cheer up Shira

Sincerely yours,


Random Thought 000

Watching ‘Crazy First Love‘ makes me wonder on the reality today! The movie goes this way:

A guy who’s so much in love with a lovely girl. He worship her. They grow up together so the father of the girl know this guy and promise that he will let him marry his daughter when he is responsible enough. He’s facing the challenges that the father of the girl ask him to do. Pass the math with nosebleed every night. LOL. Yeah, it’s insane 😛 but he did. And become a law stud. Well, every father only wants that the guy will marry his daughter is a better person and can assure him that his daughter is in the right hand. Right? 

In the other hand, the girl is possessive. I mean, the girl wants to have a first kiss or even want to experience making love before they’ll graduate in college. But the guy is not just a guy. He is man. A man who really stand for his pledge and promise. He promised to the father of the girl that he will never touch her nor even not giving others a chance to do it either. The point is, he reserve his lady to be. 🙂

The random thought I have is. Is there still a guy out there, out here TODAY who is willing enough to be a man who reserve his woman to be?

Just a thought!

To forgive is to take the pain away

Valentines’s day, I don’t have any date tho spending the night at home with my family sounds more better! 🙂

We had a usual dinner, with my papa and mama….. as conversation goes, there’s a question that crossed my mind.

Can you forgive the people who causes you so much pain?

Would you forgive the people who cause you so much pain?

I know It’s Valentine’s day yet I’m having this thoughts. Sorry for that, thoughts on this keep coming by and I just can’t help it.

For me Can is a question that you will just think an answer for only a second and a demand for an answer is necessary, while Would is a question which your heart desires to answer and you can obviously see the reluctance of the answer, if it is so.

At the middle of our conversation my papa suddenly asked me, he asked my observations. (Yes, you can notice there’s a hesitation of telling of you of what was it. Well, what I’m afraid of telling so? This is me writing these stuff and faces the world about it. It’s kinda sensitive cos its more about my circle of family so forgive me If I can’t tell you that whole story of it. 🙂 )

Long but short, something happened between my family and rest of the relatives(my mother’s side). It causes MUCH pain to my mom(emotionally), I can’t even dare to see or hear her weeping during those days. Lucky me cos when the problem start to arouse my sissy was still in Ph so for a moment I get strength from her (she’s more stronger that us, my mom). But when she leave and work so far away, handling no not handling tho coping with those conflict is so hard for me. I never encounter such big issues before, t’was a shocked for me. Well it all means, I need to grow more but not so rush, right? There’s a settlement happened but its not yet done, unfinished business as they say!

That’s 1/16 of the story. And back to the dinner scenario, my papa asked me if I noticed something on my uncle these days. And yes I observed something on him, he get thinner. Back to old days, he was kinda chubby but now he suddenly get so thin today. It’s not that he had his diet but our instincts says he is sick. NO, we’re not wishing but that’s the fact. Papa is a health freak so he is concern to my uncle somehow. So he told my mom to ask her sister-in-law if what’s going on or even ask if they already see a doctor for consultation. Mom just silent, she’s not commenting about it and I can really see on her that she’s still not okay of what did her siblings did. I know my mom still care no matter how she shows and deny that she’s not. And the pain  she’s carrying out maybe until now is still fresh. We know that FORGIVENESS is the key to make that pain go away. I know we’re only human, even God can forgive us. As I’ve said we are only human and we don’t have the power to do all things. Yet, I have to ask you…..

Would you forgive those people who causes you so much pain? Would you?

The greatest man ever in my life!

The greatest man in my life.

The man that carry me to his shoulder.

The man that love me unconditionally.

The man that reprimand every time I made mistake.

The man that teaches me to laugh.

The man that teaches me to cry.

The man that caresses my heart.

The man that dances me first on his feet.

The man that holding my hand tightly.

The man that guided me through life journey.

The man that I look up despite of his being imperfect.

The man that became my father.

The father that I loved most!

Page 6 of 366

Happy 49th Birthday to my Papa 🙂

I dedicate my 270th blog post to my father’s birthday 🙂


What does he tell, What does he say

Its started with the Impeachment of Chief Justice Corona, and as we ate we talked about the moon because last night the moon was so perfect and papa shared that lunar eclipse happened in our Saturday night and I didn’t have a chance to glance that scenario cos I fell asleep early. LOL  And  then I suddenly open up government issues. Got good conversation with my papa last night 😉  He’s too intelligent and I can’t even rebut and I need to sharpen my reasoning. Oh well, not just last night but every time I talked with my papa, yes I also shared my side but most often I learn more things from him. 

I remembered when I was still in my high school, me, my sister and my papa had a conversation about love, commitment, relationship and etc. My sister was still in her college and my papa give an advice to us, girls, that its better to have no commitment or boy/girl relationship cos it might affect our studies. Tho he also added that, yeah, it might be but  just make sure that you’ll responsible enough to handle things. And you know what did my papa told me? uhmm.. you may find it harsh but I doubt you won’t cos I realized t’was true. He said, its SO rare that is someone out there who will be a man enough to stand for me and be serious in having a relationship with me. (ouch? LOL) You know, I only stand 4’4”, am so petite. IFY, among in my family I’m the most special,not mentally tho physically. Note, I’m not dragging myself down, just telling the truth and reality is this. In that note, what did my papa tell me was just trying to remind me that if someday if I’ll fall in love I’m brave enough to take in that picture, he’s just protecting me cos after all, people are cruel enough and hurt me easily cos I’m weak and not that strong to stop my tears dropping down into my cheeks.

Indeed, me and my papa has also in common denominator you know .. 😛 oh, include my sister please .. LOL

We love action movie. Pretty much 🙂 ♥ tho, I dunno if my sister do but what sure is … me and my papa love James Bond Story (007). Who wouldn’t love that character ??? LOL, What’s the common denominator is, you knew the latest actor today in James Bond movie? Daniel Craig? Oh well, my papa and I don’t him much. He’s lack of charisma, and  we weren’t amazed much in Casino Royale. Whoops?!! Did I hurt Danile’s fans here? Oh, my apology, just sharing my opinion and nothing personal. LOL 😛

But  hey hey hey .. another common denominator, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan was our most favorite James Bond actors 🙂 In my side, they’re not that hunk but dude geez .. they simply flew me away. LOL … especially Pierce Brosnan 🙂 He’s too handsome, hunk(for me), and has great charisma that even today I still got a crush on him. Whew .. 😛 😛 Oh my .. going crazy thinking about him … (evil laugh) 😛 😛

Who’s your bet among James Bond actors? LOL

What did you remember that your dad tell and say to you???

Care to share?

Yes .. you’ve been tagged… 😛