Mama’s 50th Birthday!

March 2

Happy 50th Birthday Mama 😀

 Alright, you know what just happened? Here’s the story goes 🙂

Last night March 1, my Thursday, after school I bought a cake for my mama’s birthday. I intended to buy at night because I want to surprise her in the morning. And yes, I am successful.

I slept exactly at 12 midnight, the wind so strong. It feels like it’s taking our roof away. 2am, I suddenly woke up cos mama is in the ‘sala’ already. So I was thinking.. ‘Oh my! I’m late, she woke up before I did. Tsk’.. Tho, as we look up the time.. dang still so early so mom and I back to bed. Well, literally, I didn’t fell asleep again. Papa woke up 3am, so I hurried up, get the cake in the fridge and then giving a message to my papa: ‘Shhh, it’s a surprise’ 😀 then he smiled then we walked together towards where my mom laying down… singing…. (‘Happy Birthday To You’)5x then let her blew the candle!

yaYks.. actually, so far as I’ve remembered t’was the first time we ever done that scenario. Giving surprise in the morning, I think I should practice that starting now 🙂

I love you mama. Happy Birthday and Wishing you all the best in life. 😀

How blessed should we really be?!!

There are really things or situations which can make your family stronger than before. I know there’s always a reason for everything that happened to our life. Now I don’t question God why He put us in a wreck bridge where we found each of our family memeber holding together so tightly. And with that, we are closer now as what I’ve imagine we can ever be!
Thank you so much for the blessings God! 😀

What does he tell, What does he say

Its started with the Impeachment of Chief Justice Corona, and as we ate we talked about the moon because last night the moon was so perfect and papa shared that lunar eclipse happened in our Saturday night and I didn’t have a chance to glance that scenario cos I fell asleep early. LOL  And  then I suddenly open up government issues. Got good conversation with my papa last night 😉  He’s too intelligent and I can’t even rebut and I need to sharpen my reasoning. Oh well, not just last night but every time I talked with my papa, yes I also shared my side but most often I learn more things from him. 

I remembered when I was still in my high school, me, my sister and my papa had a conversation about love, commitment, relationship and etc. My sister was still in her college and my papa give an advice to us, girls, that its better to have no commitment or boy/girl relationship cos it might affect our studies. Tho he also added that, yeah, it might be but  just make sure that you’ll responsible enough to handle things. And you know what did my papa told me? uhmm.. you may find it harsh but I doubt you won’t cos I realized t’was true. He said, its SO rare that is someone out there who will be a man enough to stand for me and be serious in having a relationship with me. (ouch? LOL) You know, I only stand 4’4”, am so petite. IFY, among in my family I’m the most special,not mentally tho physically. Note, I’m not dragging myself down, just telling the truth and reality is this. In that note, what did my papa tell me was just trying to remind me that if someday if I’ll fall in love I’m brave enough to take in that picture, he’s just protecting me cos after all, people are cruel enough and hurt me easily cos I’m weak and not that strong to stop my tears dropping down into my cheeks.

Indeed, me and my papa has also in common denominator you know .. 😛 oh, include my sister please .. LOL

We love action movie. Pretty much 🙂 ♥ tho, I dunno if my sister do but what sure is … me and my papa love James Bond Story (007). Who wouldn’t love that character ??? LOL, What’s the common denominator is, you knew the latest actor today in James Bond movie? Daniel Craig? Oh well, my papa and I don’t him much. He’s lack of charisma, and  we weren’t amazed much in Casino Royale. Whoops?!! Did I hurt Danile’s fans here? Oh, my apology, just sharing my opinion and nothing personal. LOL 😛

But  hey hey hey .. another common denominator, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan was our most favorite James Bond actors 🙂 In my side, they’re not that hunk but dude geez .. they simply flew me away. LOL … especially Pierce Brosnan 🙂 He’s too handsome, hunk(for me), and has great charisma that even today I still got a crush on him. Whew .. 😛 😛 Oh my .. going crazy thinking about him … (evil laugh) 😛 😛

Who’s your bet among James Bond actors? LOL

What did you remember that your dad tell and say to you???

Care to share?

Yes .. you’ve been tagged… 😛

Whoot Whoot

Does my title seems like a lively one? Well, it really does 🙂 cos am having a VERY good day .. good vibes .. 🙂

While am taking my early bath (does really need to share? Yes cos from that got something to post something lively then :P) as I’ve said as I taking my bath, a thought suddenly crossed my precious mind 😛 😛 and suddenly also vanish as I writing this down .. wahaha . u might kill me reading this nonsense post 😛 😛 though thank you for the time.

My morning sky is present 🙂 🙂 i mean morning sky is full of stars and moon, my precious moon is showing up, waving its light like saying, hey Nenskei/Shira I’m right up here, come and get me! LOL .. As honestly speaking, I’m really in love with the moon if only if I can fly and sleep over there WHY NOT, I’m crazy much about moon especially when its full moon, perfectly circle and the its light simply mesmerize me a lot. 😉 Counting the star as I taking every step I make, be compelled with their magical scenes, placing each one another. 😉

Alright, alright, I remember now, lol, the thought that crossed my mind while taking my bath was the movie “Despicable Me”. 😉 Stealing the moon?!! What a genius idea, but does it really possible then? wahaha

Aside that this is really funny, there’s also a moral thoughts that you can get from this awesome movie 🙂 A relationship of  your family, and fatherhood. Though the main character just uses the lil kids to do such schemes, he still find the true love from those tender loving lil girls 🙂 . He’s not married, don’t have girlfriend  and love is nowhere to found for him. But sometimes, not sometimes but God really sent angels to make you feel that your not alone in this earth 🙂 that somehow despite of negativity you have, you tend to switch it to positive thoughts cos you’ve got a every reason to. Kids brought happiness, they also make us smile and laugh and my niece do also the same 😀

The picture above that Gru reading a story for Agnes? Wow, this is really a perfect moment with your kid. Its cute watching my partner doing that to our kids. (Though, sure that will happen someday not now. not yet 😛 ) I mean, those fathers out there, out here, reading this, have you spent time with your kids like this? I got a friend that really close to his lil lady and he does every thing a father could do 😉 He talk to her daughter as a bestfriend, you see how cute is that? And I can freshly remember he said that chatting/talking to her daughter as early as she used to is more better that later when she find it weird. That honestly I find it amazing cos, me and my dad is not really doing that and when we try, yes it feels good though lil awkward! 😛 turn out be a lil shy conversation though we do it oftentimes and suddenly turn out be a funny talk cos dad good on making things lil funny 😛 🙂 I just miss the days when I, my lil bro and dad have fun playing video games, Super Mario!! LOL ♥♥♥

An intro is lil funny and turn out to be lil dramatic? wahahaha … moody moody 😛 😛