A lot of “Why” to answer.

Because in the world where confusion exist, we are learning to be.

To be curious

To be a discover

To be a person

Learning to be a phenomena that creates a wide and broad definition of life.

Learning to be a non-ending revelation through a word, a question Why.

You, We are asking this TO BE an answer.

– Shira

Retrieval …..

When we do things that we used to do, before we choose to keep moving. When we see and realize at some point that we are doing it back again just like how we did it for the first time before and rise again from the tinted past ,  the retrieval of ourselves is now saying that we already surpass and survive the pain that once we had.

~ Shira

Live happily wonderful people on earth! Leave sorrows behind. There are a lot people who loves us for who and how we are. Just the way we are!


Facebook Anomaly: #7

Whenever I see your name on my chat list. I take a deep breath, and I get shivers. I see flashback of us laughing. I guess I’m not over with you. Not fully.

©Shira2012 via FacebookAnomaly

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Happy Earth Day Everyone !!!

ohwps….can’t really help it 😀 😀

wanna share something today..

I got my totally new look and…

Mr.Teej totally made my day too 😀

So Happy Sha lala 😀 😀

once again

Happy Earth Day Everyone !!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

The Journey We Take

Every step we take, a journey is ahead of us. Every step we take, a shadow is behind us. We let the past as it was, we take the present as it is, will we let future as it will? Will we continue our journey along with the pain of the past, along with what present make us? 


Moving Forward

It’s difficult to walk  backwards because our feet are meant to move forward. Life is always better if we see what’s ahead than look at what’s left behind. Forget bad past bitterness, grudges, hatred and pain. Yeah, It might be hard for us to forget the past because it turn us out into pieces but even how hard to pick up those pieces and put those back in ourselves;  MOVE ON,FORGIVE, LOVE, SMILE, PRAY and you’ll find that LIFE IS WORTH LIVING after all.

Dwelling From My Past Heartache

Yes, I’m still dwelling from my past heartache.

Yes, I can say that I already stripped him out to my heart and mind.

But still, the feeling of being betrayed by the person who you trust with all your heart most is still here! 😦

A betrayal that made my heart too scared to fly again and let my heart to give in to someone. 😦