A Thought When You Are Alone….


The moment your enter and face an empty room that full of darkness, you will find yourself filled with hope!

~ Shira

A Letter For Myself (A Short Story)

Dear Shira,

How you doing? Same old same old?!

By the time you’re still in the womb of your mom

You were so talented, doing acrobatic and more stunts

Which results for you to be born with clubfeet.

You are lucky to have parents who find a way to make your life pretty normal

They heard you scream every time the smiling doctor twisting your soft little feet.

As days, weeks, months, years pass your giggle wash those pain.

You’ve learned A, B, C’s; count 1, 2, 3

You make them proud when you got medals.

You made them frown when you didn’t meet their expectations

Wherein they know that you can really do better

You make them happy when you become competitive

And brought disappointments when you’re in college

Come on.

When did the last time you made them proud?

Maybe unspoken.

Shira, I know you’ve grown not only physically, mentally but also emotionally.

You start wondering what does letters L-O-V-E

Which you found yourself utter when you felt the spark of lighting arrow of cupid.

You explore and found yourself hurt.

You stood and been okay for a year of doubt.

How have you’ve been now, Shira?

I heard you fell in love again but this time deeply?

How’s  your heart doing?

Tortured by you?

Cheer up, Shira

Forgive yourself for pushing away the person you love

Forget how it used to be

Keep moving together with the world

You’re a great woman more than you’ve imagined

You can be every thing in this universe as well

You are still young and can still make things up

The Way You Live Naturally, Cheer up Shira

Sincerely yours,


Stop and Lost in a Moment

I’m still here.

Standing alone waiting for your hands to get mine.

When will you be back?

Should I still wait for the time that we will be together?

Should I just let destiny unnoticed my love that I have for you? 

Does your heart still beat as mine?

Or should I ask,

Does your heart beat just like my heart beats for you?

Does our heart shout for the same desire?

I stop and lost in a moment in this dark lonely forest,

will you ever come to save me?

My heart is not lost and only pointing into one direction,

coming towards you!

Be careful. Someone’s checking on you!

In every course of action we do, in every single word we say…. be careful enough, someone’s checking them all. You might do or say words that unconsciously its driving a stick right straight to your heart! And maybe for some other time, you will wake up and says: “Damn..I shouldn’t do/say that”. It’s a lesson that.. think million times before giving a word and care to flash back if you really didn’t something that won’t reciprocates to your A.K.A “words of wisdom”.

Questions That I Tend to Take as Preliminary Exam of Growing Up!

Hmmm…. Reading blogs are always perfectly great. Reading one of Daph’s post challenge me somehow.. oh well.. she’s such a brilliant teenager… believe me on that 🙂 So I decided to do it too… so daph.. here’s mine 🙂

RE: 30 Thought Provoking Life Questions You Should Constantly Ask Yourself?

1. What great thing would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail?

>>>>>> Loving people. Believing in myself.

2. What would you do if you were ten times bolder in your relationships, work, family, and spiritual life?

>>>>>> Never to be coward.

3. What would you be doing if you had all the money in the world?

>>>>>>  Supporting charities most especially churches. Settling my family not just a house but also a home. Paying tuition for schools, I want to learn more fields. Building my own gallery. Buying first new out technology. Traveling all over the world. Be on the moon. Be sure to have hacienda!! LOL Yes, I am ambitious! 😛

4. If you could teach something, what would you want to teach?

>>>>>> I want to teach painting or Arts related.

5. If you left this life tomorrow, what message would you leave behind for the next seven generations?

>>>>>> Don’t be afraid to discover things and explore life.

6. How short would your life have to be before you would start living differently today?

>>>>>> One week. To spend momentous bond with my love ones and friends! Living differently will change everything!

7. When was the last time you went someplace you had never been before?

>>>>>> SM. Its a shopping mall.  The last time I went there was when I passed my entry for Tshirt design competition. Oh well, I am out of luck… more competitors are so much good enough 🙂 (grin)

8. What is your biggest dream?

>>>>>> To be the happiest traveler of all times. 🙂

9. Can you describe your life with a six-word or less sentence? Here is mine: My life is filled with freedom.

>>>>>> A cup to be fill in.

10. When was the last time you tried something new?

>>>>>> The last time I tried something new was.. when I joined the Tshirt design competition. T’was my first EVER to join some competition and to think.. I don’t have any experience or background about that… I just really tried to blend in thing I am passionate about, Art.

11. What makes you come alive?

>>>>>> People around me!!

12. How much control do you have over your life?

>>>>>> I fully control my life as how I want it to be!!

13. How would your life be different if you knew you weren’t being judged or criticized?

>>>>>> Doing and saying things freely. Trying things no matter how good or bad it is.

14. Why do you love what you love?

>>>>>> I love what I love because I am passionate about it.

15. When you’re much older, what type of stories do you want to tell?

>>>>>> Life experience. Its the best novel ever to tell.

16. Beyond color, nationality, job titles accomplishments, sexual preferences, or labels given by others… who are you?

>>>>>> I am a die hard artees.

17. Are you settling?

>>>>>> Uhmmm .. I think not… humans are never been contended from where they are, from what they have. Keeping and Aiming higher that’s they are. And I am human not yet a vampire. 😛

18. What does your joy look like today?

>>>>>> Joy? Joy look like ‘Lasagna’ 😛

19. Finish this sentence: When I think of love, I think of . . .

>>>>>> When I think of love, I think of Poems, Colors and Nature!

20. What did you want to be when you grew up?

>>>>>> Actually, I want to be a Painter/ Abstract Artist who owns a Gallery.

21. What could you say was your defining moment?

>>>>>> Defining moment when I did know people who helps me realize there’s certain character within me I’ve been keeping and revealed. When I become the revealer of my own self. That’s always my defining moment I could always say.

22. When do you feel most alive?

>>>>>> When I think of more foods.

23.  How do you define “soul”?

>>>>>> Soul is what keeps us alive. Soul=Passion

24. When did you become so fearful as an adult?

>>>>>> When I’m losing my control.

25. If you could go back and do something again, would you make the same choices?

>>>>>> Yes, because that choices made me today.

26. If you were God, with the absolute power of creation, how would the world look?

>>>>>> I won’t change anything, Gods creation are perfect enough.

27. What are some things worth fighting for?

>>>>>> Happiness in life.

28. What is the most important thing to teach a child?

>>>>>> Respect and Love. Teach to communicate well.

29. Where is heaven to you?

>>>>>> Heaven is where happiness and peace are.

30.What do you want your future self to say about your present self?

>>>>>> What ever decision you made, you made it perfectly.


A Reblog:

And my comment:

Wow… What a post!!! ;)

Well, I guess..for her it is a useless question apparently cos … as we keep to raise the word “WHY” we certainly answer it with the word “BECAUSE” …. and in line with that word “REASONS” are about to show up that we might not accept!!! ;)

(just a thought) 😉


Finding your inner thoughts

Have you ever tried to find yourself? Did you find yourself?

Yes, I did and I find myself. In fact, I didn’t find it all alone cos someone help to realize something about me. Sometimes, people who became close to us help us to figure out our desires, wants, needs and things that satisfy our inner thoughts. But most often people mislead everything from getting some perspective of life that they learned from others. But one thing for sure, just be with yourself and sooner you’ll gonna see yourself clearly standing in a crowd without fear and hesitation.


I’m not Cinderella, He’s not the prince who’s not  gonna save me from my step evil mother COS i don’t have any then 😛

I’m not Snow White, He”s not the prince whose gonna kiss me to wake me up COS my mom is the one who wakes me up 😛

I’m not Rapunzel, He’s not the prince who’s gonna save me from generic tower COS I’m not living in a tower.

I’m not Ariel, He’s not the prince who heard my golden voice in the sea COS I don’t have a mermaid tails that make swim on the water.

Well, the ending point of this post here is I AM NOT IN THE FAIRY TALE.

I live in reality where prince couldn’t be found 😛