Magic Knight Bliss

Spread your outrageous wings,

Let me fly with you,

Sway like a bird as you,

Oh magic knight tell me,

Keeping you haunts me,

Seeing you – sees me,

Oh magic knight please tell me,

You’re not a short time bliss of mine.

But oh magic knight, you are.

© 2015 nenskei


Hello guys!

I know I’ve been bad to my readers/followers/viewers, sorry for being so inactive/MIA here. I admit I’ve been so lazy and no ideas or thoughts should write here, I don’t feel like blogging like before. But I know one day I’ll be back for real. I miss weekly photo challenge too. I miss writing poem too, I miss you all guys.

Here’s my sunset view :)

Lovely sunset

Lovely sunset

For My Friend Who Never Did Anything But Just To Love!

Let’s get away far far far from people! I’ll stay till you can say you’re totally okay!

The journey starts NOW!!

Just close your eyes, think a place where you wanna be. Have faith that you are with me cos God sent an angel to hold you tight! Take a deep breath, exhale and let those sorrows fly away as you release each breath you take! Feel the pain you have in you heart as I hold you more closely, cry all you want… my shoulder is always free, feel it till your heart gets weak and I’ll be there to support you, lean on me because I got the strength given by Heaven to take care of you! At least a “care” to ease the pain a little bit! A love of a friend that couldn’t be find nor replace more than anything else!

I am here. We are here!


Fixed Me!

The drum rolling

Rolling through you

You, fixed me to be done!

Fixed me, for I am fragile.

Fixed me, for I am decently vigorous.

Fixed me, for you steal my soul.

Fixed me, for  you rip my innocence.

Fixed me, for you are my dirty pleasure.

Fixed me, for me to be and drive you freely.

Fixed me, for my desire rested upon you.

Fixed me, for my fingertips runs toward you.

Fixed me, for everything falls so damn right.

Fixed me, for loneliness is a creature to be dump!

Fixed me before I lose control.

Fixed me while my dignity is still here.

Fixed me and I lick you down to hell.

Fixed me and make sure it well be done before fixing me is a damn so wrong!

Fixed me babe and I will be yours without a doubt!

Poetry ©Shira2012