Haiku #1

A rosy cheeks

Stage that full of life

Unforgettable fatal of love

Haiku ©Shira2012

Darkness filled within me

Art Title: The Darkness Filled Within Me
Medium: Watercolor; Drawing Pad

My Interpretation

Things seems to be obscure

I can see darkness

Amiss thoughts

Unravel my words

The darkness filled within me

When light save my righteous of happiness

When colors painted my unmindful steps

To live is big doubt to breath.


Heaven and Earth! The Path it Takes!

You moving on on her

Me moving on you

Lifecycle doesn’t revolve around us

When does love coincide our emotion?

When me loving him,

You look after me?

When my desire is ain’t the same as before?

I’m asking the destiny that binds our time

I’m asking the future that parted our ways

I’m asking myself where the answer can only be told by God

Heaven and Earth,

When love connects us

Boundaries will no longer be boundary,

Reluctance will be no longer define as it is,

Where the sun will no longer setting,

When the time has no numbers,

When impossible become possible,

Things will no longer be the same,

Cos that’s how love will make it!


I’m asking these …

I say… Through writing you could exquisitely utter what you felt, feel right this time, right at this moment! Then by you’ll read those again, when you smile and amaze on how you play words, I guess you can say that you’re lil bit okay, wounds are about to heal!
As I scanned my journal, I found some thoughts of my broken heart! I wrote this when I learned, too much effort on keeping in touch to the people who are so special to us, whom we care about much might be some times, we might be misunderstood! I smiled, can’t believe I created, I think another cool piece of my Poetry. Still, partly, I can feel what the author felt, which is my dear self…..

I’m asking these…

Why it feels like this?
Like you want to explode,
Cos it hurts much.
No one to talk with,
Cos no one will listen,
No one can understand my broken heart.
I chose to be alone,
Feeling what I’m feeling right now is my remedy somehow.

Is this what human capable of?
Capable of pain?
Capable of holding a thorn?
Capable of loving without loving back?
Is this what they call love,
Where all I ever could feel is just Pain! Madness!
Where all I could do is swim to my tears every night.
Where all I can walk to is a place of broken glasses!
Where all I can love is the person who I can never have!


A Letter For Myself (A Short Story)

Dear Shira,

How you doing? Same old same old?!

By the time you’re still in the womb of your mom

You were so talented, doing acrobatic and more stunts

Which results for you to be born with clubfeet.

You are lucky to have parents who find a way to make your life pretty normal

They heard you scream every time the smiling doctor twisting your soft little feet.

As days, weeks, months, years pass your giggle wash those pain.

You’ve learned A, B, C’s; count 1, 2, 3

You make them proud when you got medals.

You made them frown when you didn’t meet their expectations

Wherein they know that you can really do better

You make them happy when you become competitive

And brought disappointments when you’re in college

Come on.

When did the last time you made them proud?

Maybe unspoken.

Shira, I know you’ve grown not only physically, mentally but also emotionally.

You start wondering what does letters L-O-V-E

Which you found yourself utter when you felt the spark of lighting arrow of cupid.

You explore and found yourself hurt.

You stood and been okay for a year of doubt.

How have you’ve been now, Shira?

I heard you fell in love again but this time deeply?

How’s  your heart doing?

Tortured by you?

Cheer up, Shira

Forgive yourself for pushing away the person you love

Forget how it used to be

Keep moving together with the world

You’re a great woman more than you’ve imagined

You can be every thing in this universe as well

You are still young and can still make things up

The Way You Live Naturally, Cheer up Shira

Sincerely yours,


Just so you know….

I’m loving you more every time I pull myself away from you.

I’m loving you more every time I’m hating you.

One step away but five step back towards you.

I know it’s not fair, oh! when did these all been fair? huh?

I burn the paper where I wrote your name but the ashes still remain.

The photos that been stored were gone,

But I found myself looking at you in the sky.

The stars collaborated and draw your charming face.

You’re smiling in nature, I can still imagine how you do it.

If I could be a tree who stands strong for hundred years, will you smile at me?

Just so you know…

The shadow contemplates you!