Face It!

But what if…..

What makes you happy could possibly give pain and worries to the people you care about?

I admit, life could sometimes be complicated.

– Shira

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

The Journey We Take

Every step we take, a journey is ahead of us. Every step we take, a shadow is behind us. We let the past as it was, we take the present as it is, will we let future as it will? Will we continue our journey along with the pain of the past, along with what present make us? 


It must start with the roots!

People tried to choose to be good, Doing good things to help the world better, just make sure to start it with yourself cos change start within you. 

roots of everything starts within you

Our friend recently shared a thought to us, “It’s easy to be bad than to be good“. How you assess that? Well in my own perception and base on my short but long journey, it’s sad but more true. You won’t able to know what is good until you’ve done the bad one. You’ll learn from it and change calls your own conscience. Doing good to others maybe valued so much tho, some times the kindness of the person  is being abuse by the people who gained it.

© Shira2012

Easy things!

I know I know I know ….
I’m so sensitive!!
I’m finding remedy for that though I just can’t really help myself!
I’ve always been like this, that’s I always end up with nothing!

This is me!

Yeah, I easily fall for one!
Yeah, I easily get inspired!
Yeah, I easily get attracted!
Yeah, I easily get hurt!
Yeah, I easily mess thing up!
Yeah, I easily get damn jealous!
Yeah, I easily get frustrate!
Yeah, I easily let myself  fell into the ground!

#NotetoSelf .. let it go!!!

BUT I can’t!

Yeah, I am one of the damn girls out there who seek attention, love, and time  .. I am deeply emotional girl who’s scared of everything. Even she knows that holding on is like putting herself into cliff and in the end of the day she’s just watching her falling without bothering to who’s gonna be there and  if there’s gonna be there. Without even thinking what are the consequences that she might encounter sooner. Without even thinking what life would be if she’s starting to step into it. Without even thinking that what would be her life after taking in the line she’ll choose to. Even she knows that hoping a issue big dealt of unsure things. Even she knows that assuming is big mistake a person could commit. STILL trying to give everything without even thinking twice!