Bombarding Love

The flying ship

Away from shore

Landing on the air

Crawling on the road

Serine in silence 

Critical heart

Bombarding my chest

Strike the shells

Love reaches the ocean.


Easily Get Attached! Off and On the Ground!

Easily get attached, that was me!, not really was but I’m pulling myself out of that weakness of mine! If not to care is the way, it won’t be much so easier as you do.Yes, I can see that your kindness tortures me. Your sweetness drowning me. As it is, to keep forward is my only hope to continue to live on even if watching you walking away is a fact that I should deal on. 

© Shira2012

The distance I see

The day you’ve come

was somewhat mesmerizing

T’was so new to me

Talking the way I am to you.

You’re not a fiction

You became real


You knew you were valued enough

You’ve seen me happy

You’ve seen how I become weak

You’ve seen me too much to handle

Each day I become more

The more I see distance.

The more I see you.

Those words flew away!

Please don’t be afraid.

I don’t know how many times this would be for you but,

just try!

Try to risk something that your heart want too!

I’m not asking anything from you,

but could you?

Could you please utter those words?

Those words that I need to hear from you,

right straight from you.

But at this moment,

these things am asking to

sounds to be meaningless.

It won’t work anymore,

cos the day you decide to walk away

those words flew away too!

This is what human kind.

This is the piece of individuality that we  try to reach to its limit.

This is the uncertainty that we make sure it isn’t.

This is the chances that we hope to fulfill within the barriers.

This is the magic that try to compel us.

This is the heart that we tend to give.

This is the love that we willingly share.

This is the feeling we want to feel.

This is what human kind.