Daily Prompt: Fill In the Blank

Three people walk into a bar . . .

Three people walk into a bar, they’re wearing sunglasses and flipping their hair. Sounds like a beach party.



An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Daily Prompt: Race the Clock

An offer I couldn’t refuse is working in the Art gallery or any art/crafts related work. I might be a painter, a cleaner, a clerk, an assistant of the painter, any position that may give me a chance to interact with Arts, see an artwork every day. Arts/crafts/DIY simply makes me feel good.

I miss painting by the way.

When I were in the educational store around 11AM, saw a set of watercolor. Hmm… gonna bring back my unbelievable talent. HAHAHA. (Look who’s talking) No, seriously I just playing with colors I’m not really an artist not even good. Just sayin’.

PS: Writing this challenge while mom busy asking me something plus this timer. LOL

10min and 9 seconds.