I am not odd, I am just beyond the unusual.

~Al_Cheapmonk of MUST Trailblazer


Somehow I can relate in this line of his poem.


Sometimes, our intentions are not clearly seen. We utter words which we not intend to be understood wrongly. Perhaps, choosing a word to say can’t please everyone the way how we see it just in mid. We can be straight forward tho frankly, we most say things without even thinking.

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Or am I just the one?

Actually, I made a mistake this morning! As what I’ve said in my bio, I simply say what I want to say and I mean it. I mean it cos that’s what I think, I see, I observe and prolly it’s up to you if you gonna take it so badly. Well, I’m slightly harsh/blunt. People will prove to you that they worthy enough by “staying”. They stay cos they are who they are when they are around you. Oh, I mean not really a mistake but I guess I hurt someone’s ego! Stop turning the table. Actually, hmm I guess it’s next to impossible that you’re reading this tho, what I only want is to know you more. But I guessing it’s better not. I am happy talking to you. I can flip my hair so gracefully. But I won’t gonna let myself so addicted to you cos at the first place, for some reasons that I know, I shouldn’t be.

Good Evening Everyone!


Holding into nothing!

Art Title: Flew
Medium: Watercolor | Sketch Pad

It’s not easy to give up but what’s easy is. to let go when you know you’re holding into nothing!

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