The weirdest thing happen on WordPress


Where did my comment goes?

Lot of things behind my head!!!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret.

Regretting is a mistake that can be done. Wash away those regrets, start growing and glowing inside! Thanks for this post MD…. last night I was thinking about to ask someone when my tomorrow comes.. and yes I will definitely do that today..this post simply gives me more courage to do it, so that the regret of not doing so will not happen!


I don’t know why …

I really don’t know¬†…

My feet just brought me in that direction

To just walked into nowhere

I dunno if he was real,

I dunno if he was really the one who’s standing upstairs

But all I know is that

I am regretting now why I didn’t look-up!