Beautiful Sickness

Back pain + Cold = Sick Me = Sad Me = Crying Me = Don’t want this


Hope everything is well with you guys.



When everything seems to be okay!

That’s a reverse….

When everything around you is not okay! When everything around you is problems! When everything is beyond your control! No matter how you try to smile, to laugh, to be positive still …………….. everything goes uneasy!

Do you think unwinding yourself helps you feel better? Do you think drifting, twisting, and turning off your emotions helps you feel better?

If you say so, I guess I’ll try to be on that side!

© Shira2012

How hard to we take it in action?

A quote crossed to my mind while someone’s thoughts is hanging! ~ “We are not capable to do all things which we think we can!”

No matter how we keep something we really want, time telling us to let it go! It’s not about how positive thinker we are. It’s not about faith, trust and blah blah blah…. It’s a choice . Everything in life is a choice. Just keep one thing in mind that when you made a choice… no turning back!

It’s sad because, we can’…not really that we can’t but it’s hard to take an action about it!