Twist of View

To me twist means, a spectacular movement of scenario we didn’t intend to see.

This view welcome me as I headed home from my recent Oceanarium getaway. It was gloomy in Misamis Oriental on that day actually and when I see this, I didn’t hesitate to capture it! Beautiful twist!



So what twist means to you? You can share your post in the comment box 😉

Two Things I Don’t Really Understand About!

Everyday I’m really figuring out

1. Why Security Guard in Mall not checking the bags properly?

This is what I’ve notice, Every time people enter the premise of Mall, they expect guard will check their bag. Yes, guard will do but they’ll just tap it just for the sake of “Hey chief I checked their bags!” And the saddest thing is when people put some effort to unhooked/unzipped their bags and even it’s hassle on their part, the guard is just there, sitting, feeling himself comfy and just let you pass with even checking them!

2. A Security Guard without a gun!

Really? Truly? Sincerely? Without a gun? YES! So if ever I got drunk which next to impossible to happen, I’ll rob that store! Hah!

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Not a blunt opinion, just a reality!

Last night, I was in the first birthday celebration of my friend’s baby. I enjoyed the lil reunion of with my high school buddies 😀 I got lot of fun and laughter until the moment we  were in the ‘Moterela’. I stopped to divisoria to took a Jeepney. Then as the Jeepney was in the public market area, I saw a very upsetting scenario.

There was a guy with his motorbike, in front of him was a kid holding something a ball. The guy tried, noo, not just tried but he really gave a fist on that kiddo’s head. And didn’t get contended, he stepped out from his bike and got nearer to the kid which gave him a chance to give a clearer fist to the kiddo’s head! 😥

DAMN… DUDE.. DUDE… MENNNNNN… He is just a kid. If he did something wrong then a physical reprimand is NOT a good stand. I really don’t know the whole story but I, the passengers in the Jeepney saw that scenario and we pity that kiddo 😦 The reality here in Philippines, poverty is very prone, there are families who live in streets. So maybe that kid was playing the ball then accidentally threw it towards the guy, or whatever. But jeez, there’s a better option than that, right? Just saying…

Now, I remember one of Tom’s post , he get upset every time he hears in the news that children are the victims! Hmm I don’t know either some time I got a phobia, no not really like that but every time there are kids around me I get scared because they can say what they want to say! They’re not aware that their words are like a knife and could nearly kill my heart. Tho, I realized last night I still do have a heart for them, I still have the heart of the kids whom I afraid of. Not really that I hate them. Big guys/girls must understand how kids act in their age.

Just expressing some thought about this.. What you think?