Blogging Aura!

It’s been awhile, friends … How are you? I hope everything is going well with you. What you are up to nowadays? D you still have the spirit of blogging? ‘cos you know, even I’m still joining Photo Weekly Challenges, I’ve been so inactive or shall I say I’ve been MIA here for too long. Don’t get me wrong, I still like blogging, and I guess the aura of blogging is just coming back to me which I hope will be consistent. Well, I am just sad the Ms. Cafe – Janice from yourdailydoseblog (I’m not so sure with her domain name) decided to stop blogging.

If you are following my blog, you will see that I changed my blog name, tagline and theme but the URL is still the same. Yeah! As we all know, change is the only constant in this world.

What am I up to?
Today I am still busy with my program/project, you know it’s feels so good to be a coordinator with so much cooperative group members (insert slightly sarcastic 😛 ) and it will happen in the fourth week this month. And we’re still working on our Research Paper, just for the final touch and our defense will be on third week this month too! Whew!

So yeah, I am doing well and happy with my life, and I am so blessed! I thank Him for all the graces that He gave and will give to me. 🙂

How are you? What you are up to? Let’s have a little chitchat in the comment box in this post 😀

Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

This challenge is up to something that makes us bloggers awaken about our blogging life.

Why we blog, by the way? Why we spend time writing our words even in our very hectic schedule?

Daily post catches new part of every blogger knowing that despite every reason we may reason out, we blog because we are inspired to do so. We have this inspiration that drives our passion to come out.

Daily post, congrats because I made me think so hard. Like Heather said:

For me, it’s a lot of things. It’s every day. It’s life. Every day can be an adventure and there is always something beautiful to be inspired by. Sometimes it is obvious, and sometimes it is a little harder to find, but there is always something beautiful…every day.

So now, what inspires me to blog?

Nature: Nature is one of the beautiful things I could ever see in this world that encourages me to share to the people, to the blogosphere what I’ve seen at that moment where Nature inspired and touch my heart and soul.

And every morning going to my work, won’t you be inspired if you keep seeing this every day?

morning sky

nature with me

I don’t have a photo blog, but I have a photography category where you can check how I see the Nature that keeps me blogging. I may don’t have a good camera, but I do sincerely love to share my photos even in its blurry shot. Well, I can mash it up too (edit =P )

* People (including movies especially that based on a true story): People can influence us, and they can make us think and inspire us to live better every day. They can be family, friends, colleagues or even strangers.



* Trip/Travel: Tell me who doesn’t love to be in other places, traveling, exploring and having fun with outdoor activities?

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Kaamulan at Malaybalay, Bukidnon

You can check my Trip/Travel category too 😉

* School: College isn’t easy, and you need to give your best effort to have better grades and future. School inspires me to blog by sharing my thoughts, writing isn’t that easy if you don’t have the heart to write and learning isn’t easy if you don’t have the heart to learn. School can teach you everything from curriculum to a life lesson that you can take on your journey.

my stuff

What keeps you blogging?

Do You Know?

Essay, analysis…. how good you do your school activities?

Last June when classes are back here in PH, first meeting of one of our major subject prof asked us to make a song analysis. This post was 2mos old. Supposedly, I’m going to share my answer but I forgot all my words written in half cross-wise yellow paper.

So why I’m able to publish this? Last Wednesday, prof return all our paper works. But instead of mine, I’m going to share one of my classmate’s work. I already ask her permission about this so…. you know 😛 It caught me cos prof gave her a perfect score. So I guess, fair enough if I share it all to you. Be inspired of life!

In our very young minds there are lots of plans, dreams to achieve, goals that we want to succeed in life, fantasies that we want to have, but the question is where we are going to?

A song is made because it is dedicated on something. This song was made to make an individual realize how important to know first what the things we want to have and what are the needs we need to have. It is important to bear in mind that we should always know where to go in order for us to set an exact plan and make a right decision. Life is never easy if you don’t know know where you are standing. Without dedication, your dreams and goals will be hard to achieve because there is no point on what you are doing. It is just like you have no God and it is really hard because you don’t know what is right and wrong. God is always there to help us, to guide us  and to love us. Never ask too much. Know first what do you need and then supply your wants.

Making decisions need a thorough planning. Once you decide there is no turning back that is why, make every decision a very satisfying one. Plan wholeheartedly and decide exactly. Never forget to have faith in God because only Him you can trust, only Him you have strength and only Him you have everything. Place your mind in a way that you are at ease, never rush yourself because it will only make you down if you do.

Live life with its true meaning.


Do you know where you’re going to?

Midterm – Exam Week! Should I HoOoray?

Ehemmmm …


Ughm …. mmm … (eyebrows up)

Oh yeah … Midterm week !! What would you think? Perhaps you’ll say! “Oh well, I did study and prepare enough”.

What are your strategy in studying?

Sparing yourself in a silent room?

Memorizing in a crowd place?

Eating while scanning notes?

Studying with music?

Prolly, most or all of I’ve mention is what you do. That’s what I do.

Anyways, just dropping by!

My exam will start tomorrow till Saturday!

Aside from numbers that am still figuring out at this moment, reading pages on our major subject(s) AND memorizing tons of pages on our legal basis (Constitution) are what I’ve got to do.

Do you think I can remember all those contents word by word? (Heck yeah, word by word!)

Good luck to me.

I’m actually tired now, eyes are falling!

Have a good night! (.. and to the other part of the world ..) Have a great Monday!


– Shira

I’m Not Busy As You Think I am.

People might think I am a busy chic. Working in the morning then since school is back, classes in afternoon till night. Heck, I am not. Maybe you are thinking working students are much occupied. Hell, I am not.

If you’ve been following me for so long or known me in real, you already know that I’m easily get attach with people whom I like to be with which is what I’m avoiding and trying to be not.  The truth is, no matter how I try to be bitter, stoney heart – not to be attach easily -, I can’t simply help but really be in myself. The problem is, here I am again feeling a little bit attach and disappointment is right in front of me. I need and wanted to make myself even busy that you think I am now. I want things consume my time, my mind, my thought far away from someone. I don’t want this longing feeling I have cos it gently kills me.

I’m up to something, together with my friend which I hope can truly help me, help consume me. I don’t want to think about people who consume my thoughts yet doesn’t reciprocate. I don’t want to be hurt but I am hurt now.

~ Shira

Farewell Post! Hep….not as last post :P

Ehem! ladies and gentlemen let me murmur again in my dearest blog 😛 (grinning all over the floor)

Did you all know that…I’ve been active in WordPress just back May or June then become more… very active in August till not a farewell for my blog okay…. tho now you know… So, my point here is.. maybe right back in your mind, What’s with the farewell post? LOL

For all you know I’m a college student, (cough) just don’t refer my age on my height! ahahahahaha 😛

2nd sem, we enrolled in Information Communication Technology or know as ICT! What’s my advantage in this subject is I blog before enrolling this course. There are two projects that our instructor asked us to do. Very simple, blogging and making basic HTML. WhoOoah! LOL

So, this week…is our finals week…… 6days to go and summer is up up up in the sky! Hahaha

ICT is fun for me because as I said… it’s an advantage for me cos I blogged. In html…it’s quite tricky at first. Tho able to cope up in two weeks. You know what’s the twist sweethearts?

A week before our instructor checked our HTML as part of midterm grade, my flash disk was LOST NOT FOUND. How lovely! >.<

All important data were stored there, including my html project. Of course no one to blame cos I’ve been careless so I need to face the consequences of my action. I got INC for my midterm grade 😦 , as in Incomplete! (cover mouth…)Whaaaa? LOL

But, don’t worry sweethearts I am confident that I’ll passed the finals. I acquired all the requirements. Ha ha ha (Do you think our instructor will let me pass after reading this? waha haha)

So, all I can say is blogging is so much fun than making html! LOL

Have a great day all 🙂 ♥

© Shira2012

What’s your great day?

A fellow blogger of ours posted something delighted to read upon!! Post title catches my eyes somehow which is my title too 🙂

What’s your great day?

I am one of living organism in this earth. Taking breath every second, eats when she’s hungry, a normal organism indeed who moves constantly to strive and live. Are you too?

> How should i describe mine? uhmm … (think, think, think smart me!! 😛 )

>> Mine goes this way…..

>>> (crying baby.. crying baby) Oh yes.. phone alarms .. (ting.. ting..) time to up up up and *yawns* can I stay in my bed for 5mins?!! Ugh .. hurry hurry .. stood up, get her towel, going downstairs… showerrrrrr .. my morning shower is always at 4am since I got my job on. 😛 how’s that!! Great day to start in!! right? 😀 Home and work is only walking distance so I take every 15min to walk and enjoy the morning breeze….. (hmmmm) (cold) (looks up…) Oh my sweetest morning sky with my soulmate.. The Moon!!! I wanna be with you forever! Be mine!! (grin) Yes, I am a dreamer!! Oh, I won’t forget my mama and papa.. seeing them every morning makes me more alive.. my mom always wakes up before I woke up.. so if my alarm didn’t ring.. means she is my alarm clock 🙂 Yayks .. love you mama … and for my papa, he always take a run every morning and since late 2011, he started to walk behind me… (can you see the picture?) Yah, he is my body guard, assuring her lil girl goes to her workplace safely 🙂 (sweet isn’t it) … And here it go.. work work work.. do you know that, the aura in our office totally joyful?!! Yes it is. I can laugh for 8hrs straight.. O.O oh well.. Morning shift are so funny, I’d say.. craziest for me. 😛 My work start at 5am so COFFEE would be great .. oh coffee coffee..go away.. I am addicted 😛 . Thirdly, school. Ahuh… I am a working stud… its not hard its fun Indeed, especially if you have so much precious friends, heck yes, my school buddies .. we call our group, ‘The Budidies’.. sounds cool? yes right?!! ahaha ..

>>>> These people simply made my day. Family, co-workers, friends… oh please.. I won’t forget my twitter friends too. Hello 😀

Yup.. that’s my great day! How about you?!!