Stop and Lost in a Moment

I’m still here.

Standing alone waiting for your hands to get mine.

When will you be back?

Should I still wait for the time that we will be together?

Should I just let destiny unnoticed my love that I have for you? 

Does your heart still beat as mine?

Or should I ask,

Does your heart beat just like my heart beats for you?

Does our heart shout for the same desire?

I stop and lost in a moment in this dark lonely forest,

will you ever come to save me?

My heart is not lost and only pointing into one direction,

coming towards you!


No one understands?

Why we keep so much pain in your heart?  Wherein you can always share it with someone who earns our trust, right?!!

But here’s what I think, We keep much pain because we are the one one who knows how it feels, we’re the only one who’s bringing this burden within us. 😦

Well, I guess then feelin’ what we feel inside is the best remedy! 😉