Time to let go what we left inside

Sun is setting!

Time to let go the sorrows we left inside in our heart!

~ Shira

The Abduction

You will see

the sorrow

of pain when

the darkness


the light.

You will see

death when

the ashes


your soul.

Would you still living

when all

the maddest

is all around you?

Would you still writing

when all

you can think of

is the memory of


How come

you drop by 


all you can 


is a 



Page 7 of 366

She’s a kid who believes Santa Clause.
She’s a girl who believes Prince Charming to look after her.
She’s a lady who believes a man to take care of her.
But when she believes in love she become a woman.
She endure the sorrow and pain of it and despite of all sadness she’s taken in, she’s still the woman who has faith and hope of love.
The woman who destined to be my sister.


I love you sis!!!

And on the Page 7 of 366,

I’m wishing you a Happy Happy 25th Birthday. Be happy ate 😀