If We Only Meant It …..

If we only mean how to be the happiest among the crowd of happy soul. We could be happier more than we think anything/one can make us. 😀

~ Shira

Happy morning and embrace the day!

The Abduction

You will see

the sorrow

of pain when

the darkness


the light.

You will see

death when

the ashes


your soul.

Would you still living

when all

the maddest

is all around you?

Would you still writing

when all

you can think of

is the memory of


How come

you drop by 


all you can 


is a 



When Art Calls My Soul

Last night ..

Last night Art blew me away

I don’t know but

I feel so uneasy the suddenly grabbed my unused white polo shirt, the brush, and the text tile paints.

What can you see in this piece?

How see it?

Why you see it that way?


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