Sun Kissed


It’s already summer here in the Philippines and just last Thursday, I had a remarkable trip at Camiguin. I’m going to blog that trip soon when I have more time, but for now, allow me to share a beautiful photo taken at White Island.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Forces of Nature.”

I Live In The East, Where It All Started!

I live where it all started.

I live in the east!

I live in the east of Cagayan de Oro!

I live in the east side of the Philippines!

I live in the east side where the world sees the new day!

I live in the east where the sun rises!

I live in the east where it all started!

4.28.2012 Sunrise


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

One of my shot way to Malaybalay for Kaamulan Festival

Observance of Good Friday
At the station of Cross!!

Observance of Good Friday
Way to Home

Sunrise @ 4.14.12

I've waited for this sunrise back at March

I may don’t have a clear shot but hope it captured your heart the way it did mine!


Sun is light!

I heard the bell!

February 25, Saturday, I woke up early and decided to wait the sun to rise in the seaside!

It’s beautiful tho not so beautiful like the way it rises back 3rd quarter of 2011! T’was stunning! As I watched this momentous I heard the bell of the church together with that sound, It brings hope to my morning!