What could be everything of us?

If a piece of me lies above the sky, will you be underneath the ocean and balance what could be everything of us?

~ Shira

Sunday! Nonsense post, would you believe me?

So.. here we are meeting on Sunday!

Been staring at monitor for quite a while! Am I having a blogger’s  block like others recently? LOL Nope… I just don’t have any thought to share right by now….. I guess?!!!

Alright so… let’s start packing and sit and read awhile my nonsense talk here! ha ha…. see I’m so nonsense! Duuh Shira! Speak up! Okay I will 😛

So, as I open my gmail, wordpress, twitter of course expecting new notifications right? Tho, not really on twitter

First, the “gloomy” word made me smile widely! LOL

Second, new tagged been made and I’m on it. Ready to answer tho what today!

Third, my friend Aisha suggested something about feed settings and hola! It’s a bright idea! hmmmm.. wanna know?!! (giggle) ha ha ha (silly me)

Fourth, Actually I’m late on my class today! Yes.. class during Sunday? Whaaa? Maybe you have some violent reaction tho.. no need! Haha

Fifth, the exciting thing today is..I’m playing Badminton with my friends. Same group I played with last Sunday tho one of our classmate when I’m still in CoE want to join us so.. been a while since we see each other! It’s good to be reunited again! (excited …excited)

Sixth, made me decide to do a last post for my subject ICT! But heck….NOT today again.. I’m buying some time here but! (bundle up… packing) I’m super late! ha ha ha

Thanks for your time sweethearts… Thanks for reading my nonsense Sunday post!

(grin ..evil laugh after) 😛

Love you all

Shira 😀



Sunday Activity! New but not really new to me!

Alright, my Sunday feels so good… really!

Have I ever shared here that Badminton is one of my favorite sport to play?! Others are Basketball, Skating, and sort of Baseball. Oh please, even Hockey is not being played in Ph. I love Hockey. Well, now you know exactly what sports I’m up to. 😀

Today, I play Badminton with my friends, college friends. I love doing things that I really love to do and thank God these folks are here. For three years finally I hold racket again! 😉 So imagine how happy I am playing with them. Till next Sunday again! yeeha!

So tomorrow, I’ll expect my body to be rotten! HAH … walk like a zombie! WhooOt whOoot!

Here’s a Sunday thought beautiful wonders on earth,

Do things which you love to do!

Happy Sunday All!

© Shira2012


Yesterday Was My Sunday

My morning wasn’t that good, I got stiff neck 😦 .. gosh, i hate it 😦

And supposed to be, my Sunday(s) is my rest day, free from work, free from school 😉 BUT yesterday was not 😦  I had a class .. (whaa?? O.o ) … but t’was just a make up class … and on my next Sunday we will have another make up class again 😦 … ( dang 😛 )


But what’s good about yesterday was … Class was fun/cool/informative 😀 .. still worth it .. right? Plus, my peers went in our place 😉 …. mmmm, we just want to watch the movie titled “Friends with Benefits” .. and so it happened … 😉

I love the thought of the story … so cute 😉 And here’s my favorite lines of the characters:

Here’s where the conflict starts…

Jamie: No relationship, No Emotions, Just Sex…..

Dylan: But at the end we’re still friends….

But at the end of the story ….

The guy character says:

Dylan: I want my best-friend back  cos I’m in love with her …..


Well… I find it sweet 😀