Weekly Photo Challenge: Today – Spring View

Nenskei’s Photography – this is a beautiful shot I took this day.
Timing and Talent is perfectly rhyme


yes – we are hungry 😛

what on earth as this moment?

I’m only stock in 4ft – can’t swim in any ft.


I’m the one who took this – see how fun they have in their faces – Enjoyed.

Me with kuya_mOnd – what we appreciate about him is, even he live/stay too far away from where we are – he give an effort to join us.

As I read posts from wordpress reader on my wordpress home, I saw dailypost entry of this week photo challenge theme “Today!” So today, in my June 2, I’m having a summer outing with my friends at Spring View Resort.

Good night everyone – I’m so tired from swimming but surely a thing is, I had much and enjoyed the day with them. 

~ Shira