Shiradventurist: The Mind Museum

Shiradventurist: The Mind Museum

I always wonder about science, it’s full of mystery for me and physics is something I wish that I really understood much.


Last March, I was able to visit The Mind Museum in Taguig. Alone but I shove it off. I really enjoyed my time in Universe exhibition, it felts like the first time I saw the constellation exhibit during High School. It really amazed me. Actually, I enjoyed them all it’s just that the Universe really made me wow! Continue reading

Oh Techy World!

Tonight’s prompt is perfect for a good laugh time.

It’s ‘tonight‘ because it’s always in my 8 pm and you might be wondering why I said a good laugh time, I will tell you but first I will answer the prompt’s question:

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

What I miss is  my first cellular phone ever, the Nokia 3310, it was on August 2007. It was not brand new but it was sentimental because dad gave me that phone (see? I still remember the month and year, lol). Unfortunately, the first week I had that phone my classmate unintentionally sat my bag where exactly my phone was placed. The ringtone was gone, as in totally out of tone but it was back when I accidentally dropped my phone on January 2008. HAHA

So what’s funny? Because I wanted to feature/include a picture of Nokia 3301 in this post I searched it on Google Image, found lots of funny and true facts photos about 3310 as well.

Here are the few of them:

So, what’s on your mind?

Photo are all borrowed from Google Image results!

Google Battling With Facebook?

As far as I know, Facebook was starting getting so famous at 2007 and FB invade everyone’s interest more than Friendster, KiwiBox, Yearbook could do.

I know FB got you 😛 , you played Cityville, Cooking, Tetris, Castleville, Fishville, FishTown, Fishivlle and etc. tho lucky me, Mafia Wars, Ninja, and Farmville drive me crazy but not anymore today. We all know Google is the wildest search engine on net. Are you with Bing? Yahoo? Jeez, Bing Bang Yahookers. I’m in love with Google.

People aren’t contended when they knew it doesn’t reach their limitation yet. Website creators, designers continue learning each day on how they good improvised their sites. I’ve seen Google in which they amazed me much. Tho sometimes updates don’t fit our design appetite! Who are in Google/gmail user here? I see million of you raising your right foot 😛 So care to add me in Google+. Be in my circles 😉

New Google+
Oh... yes, its Janice.It happens it the first update seen my home! LOL

FB: Unfollow post
Google+ : Unmute this post

"LIKE" Tho, I guess...Google+ got this idea first. I saw this here before on FB!

Google+ upgraded much, does all of you seen it? Yes Google looks like Facebook. Recently Mark bought Instagram, So what? Heck why Google didn’t get the bid? 😛 Very well, FB might nervous that Google may get their billion users so with advertisers. I guess what only missing on Google+ is putting ads on it. Well I think, no need because they have a lot of it, adsense you know.


Am wondering, is WordPress affiliated with Google? I don’t know if I’m the only who notice this. You see the notifications of Google+ has exactly what does WP has. So no matter how you say “grow more”, it won’t. LOL