When Things Won’t Happen!

Expectations turn to be disappointments because we can’t longer hold the things that we hope for so long. 

~ Shira

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

The wind blow this thing and the moment I touched it, I slowly felt the air that I taking in in my soul.

Eyes can capture beautiful things while hands can feel anything. The moment it touches one thing, that connects everything from pieces to a detailed story.

Thought of Life ©Shira2012

Things, Thoughts and Acts that I didn’t know but now I did

Okay, Here I am again back on my track 🙂

This 2011 my life is really like a roller coaster, ups, downs or even twisting sides. I tell you, I’m not that really innocent cos I think there are things that a 20years old must be aware or knew in some other ways, right?

Things that i didn’t know but now i did:

~ I know now how to buy a bra when referring to sizes, LOL.

Why I didn’t know this before? Simply because my mama and sister bought undies for me 😛 .

How did I know now? I’m with my friend the other time, back October, went mini shopping. We went to undies section and I’m wondering what does it take her too long choosing bra and she was so busy looking to the numbers. Oh geez girl, I am no earth about that, She laughed at me, teasing and said: Goodness, are you sure you didn’t know this? I replied: Ahhh…Now I know 🙂 then we laughed.

~ I know now how to look/read thermometer.

Why I didn’t know this? Simply because when one our member got fever only my papa, mama and my sister look the thermometer. 😛

How did I know now? oh well, I think It’s October or November, my lil bro got fever and my papa delegate the task on me to check how high does the temperature of lil bro. he is 14years old, taller than me :P. So when he handed the thermometer to me, I said: hey twitam how check this? he replied: What? Oh well, lemme check… me lil embarrassed. LOL. Tho, I keep asking him that time how then he teaches me so now I learned. LOL 😛

Thought and Acts I didn’t know but now I know:

~ I want to see more.. more .. more … (how you assess that? LOL)

Why I didn’t know that?

I’m not really fun of chats online.. I don’t have any experience of that tho i have different social networks accounts, facebook, twitter, skype, yahoo, myyearbook but never been have a LONG TIME chat. Until one day back in August, I met someone virtually and I can tell we were used to be so closed, tight as bestfriend i think. It happened I told him, hey I want to see more.. more .. more, LOL .. What I was really meant by that is, I really want to see more PICS, just pics.

Here’s the conversation:

she: hey I want to see more.. more .. more

he: ahw Ok go to skype

she: why?

he: Oh well you said you want to see more

she: I’m trying

You see how naive I am??? O.O

How did I know that?

Just recently, one of my friend virtually again complimented my avi then happened again he said it made him wanted to see more. I said, what? you want to see more face of mine? He said, Ahw, never mind I am embarrassed and due to curiosity I asked why then he said I was thinking naughty thoughts. LOL

Okay, since then I was enlighten what does I want to see more means.

(laughing) 😛 😛

Share five things you’re thankful for.

The title of this post was one of the suggestion of wp that catches my thought … so let me begin then .. 😛

I know there are lots of things to be thank of…. but five things I’m thanking for are:


I’m thanking God for the life the he let me borrow that till now he’s still. With this, my eyes can still captures wonderful things that a latest high tech cam can’t.


I’m thanking Parents. I know mama and papa bringing much problem now, still they’re showing some love, care and support for their children (that’s us).


I’m thanking my Sister for being so loving, she’s working FAR away from us so I misses her a lot especially at my nights cos we used to sleep at one bed, I miss hugging her. 🙂


I’m thanking my friends for inspiring me not only friends who I mingle personally but also online especially here in wp.


The fifth one might sounds ridiculous but just want to say this anyways…

I’m thanking myself for being of WHO I REALLY AM….. standing on my dreams and making it nearer to my hands is a great thing I can do for my own self.


There it is … 😀 😀

What things you’re thankful for?