Time with family always holds meaning to me, to us.

And this moment, this picture, this memory cannot be taken away from me.


In response to Photo Challenge: Evanescent

Madly Bad

I missed the daily prompt last night but the day is not yet over for the question:

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

Many answered it’s a waste of time. Why hold grudges if it only brings pain to you tho?

For me, forgive and forget in time. Anyone can give us pain and heartaches and I believe how it affect us depends on how long we can forgive and forget of what they’ve done to us.

A dedication!

Happy Tree

We will stand still! Like a happy tree no matter how shaky the ground is, we know we can make it till everything will calm!
Everything will take to its proper place! Maybe not later but soon!

Quote ©Shira2012

This is a dedication for my friends who’s having a hard time! Who thinks everything is fallen apart! Sometimes, things we desire really lost if it is just destined to be part of our journey and be remembered for a lifetime!


Time come and go as it wish to be

At some point, you’re going to ask yourself how far you’ve gone in your life.

Was it worthy?
Was it enough?
Was it fruitful?
You don’t know what exactly to ask by now, don’t you? Neither I!

Eventually, time come and go and there’s no other option but we simply live on it. Choices been made, been act, been part of reality we have today.
It’s either acceptance or steadily unravel obscurity you have in mind!


A realization of being so innocent in this world! Questions I got….are these to Ponder?

So I guess, I’m just being so assuming and my judgement is clouding my mind cos I got this so called affection towards you! Where you can clearly be something to anybody like me.

The difference is I thought I experienced nuff, been through life which is enough but I summed up, my age can say how lil my story still is! So I’m thinking, was I’m just trying to psycho myself that I know better right at back that time? (Eye brow’s up)

I’m thinking about culture differences, I know its a big factor. I can see that. Eyes are widely open on that matter. The thing is, its normal to you which is so new to me! Colliding innocense in a row! (Shrugs)

Was our understanding really coincide? I’m thinking of that too. Cos if yes, why I able to ask this? (Chuckles)

Is there something we believe in? Oh, let me alter that… Is there something I believe in? Or let me rephrase it, Am I believing on something which you not? That’s the exact question to be ask! If you are, if your heart the same as mine why you’re drifting your way?

Think …. think …. think
Think well……


Unnoticed I Smiled Genuinely

Yesterday, I’m riding on Jeepney then it stop to the place where I used to go. I saw my uncle and I smiled genuinely! (back to the history, there’s a collusion between my family and relatives. For months I hate what they did, my smile even cost much for them get one from me!) And I don’t know why, I don’t know what happened to me yesterday. Does this mean I am okay now? I’m ready to deal with them again? Well once relationship is broken, It won’t be the same like before, right? Tho If so, then in my twentie I proved and tested things in life that an individual can learn from. And one is…..

Proven and Tested based in my experience…..

time runs

Time and Space heal your wounds!

© Shira2012