As vague as it seems, it’s worth to live.

Weekly Travel Theme: Distance


Bukidnon is such a nice place to stay in. Fresh air, far from crowd and pollution.  We were at Manolo Fortich, doing our project, these are my clustermates. It’s a pleasure to work with them. 🙂

I took this picture distance from them, trees are so nice as always. Go Green!

Photo Credit: Shira (Me) Photo taken@Manolo Fortich

Photo Credit: Shira (Me)
Photo taken@Manolo Fortich

Nenskei’s Photography and mashing up power :D

Last February 4, 2012… while waiting for our professor to come I was with group of girls laughing around! As I look up in the sky, t’was clear and beautiful sky actually then one tree catch my interest! I took a picture of it! There are only few leaves in that tree. For the following days knowing most of the trees of our school are the same as this ( for 4 years going in our school I just notice this ), then I became obsess about it…. 🙂 so I took more picture of those trees with beautiful view of course! 😀

Here are some with my mashing up power 😛

So? How is it? 😀

Hope you like it 😀