A person might keep on understanding you but it does not mean it is always Okay.


Writing From The Heart: Question #4

  1. Crazy Sincere
  2. Available 24/7 which means Trustworthy.
  3. Addicted to me which means Supportive.

How often you care to your friends?

Sadly, I’m not! I am self centered, selfish! Do you believe me? I don’t know how to care, I mean how to show care? I don’t know if what I’ve shown to my friends is care! I don’t doubt others but I doubt myself. I am sincere to all the things I do, I say to my friends, with my friends. But I care how they see it! I preach them, I say the right thing to do, I comfort when they needed to. Hell is, how to comfort? Hearing their sympathy? I do sincerely listen heck I sincerely don’t know what to do to make them even better. Often, when friends tell their bad day or whatever I just frown with them, say, it’s ok! and blah, is that sincere? Well, sorry but that’s how I am! I am sincere in my own way that I know!

How do you trust people? Do you trust them without a doubt? 

I do, I do, I do do do do do…. That’s why I’m easily to break! I easily trust, trust means you believe what they say. Meet me one day, make me laugh one hour, make me comfortable in one minute and you have my TRUST within a second! 

How do you cheer people?

Are you supportive? I am, a little, often, always. Heck, I am supportive. If you’ll join something exciting, HELLO! I AM HERE BRINGING MYSELF WITH A BANNER! GO GO GO MY FRIEND!

What I only ask for is, hopefully there’s someone out there, here, anywhere. I wish I have a best friend on earth where I can always lean on, where can always lean on me! A friend that reciprocates freely, reciprocates without even me telling that s/he must do! A friend who I can drink Cali along the beaches watching sunset. A friend who I can be so transparent to be with. A friend where I can say that orgasm is cumming! (LOL) A friend where I can talk sex WITHOUT malice. A friend that taking effort as I do too. A friend who will never walk out in my zone. A friend that can be my partner through happiness, sadness. A friend where I can be so open where I don’t doubt that s/he bother at all of my boring story life! A friend where I can smile on her/his wedding day! A best friend that will last till the end of our time! A friend who will message me after reading this post. A friend that I’ve been longing for so long!

Am I too much? Am I asking too much then? Or am I just a normal being?

Happy Haunting All!


Words where you are contended to hear!

Trusting You!

Was the the strongest message I got from you! Which made me think, do I still have your trust? Do I still gain it?!

Trust is somewhat the core soul of any relationship! Would you disagree!? I don’t know what will happen if trust is being betrayed. I don’t wanna know either knowing can’t control my emotions!

What so good to feel!

What so goof to feel is that you are being trusted by the people who you never expect to trust you. It’s not that you are not trust worthy enough but among those people who you think they can run off, they choose you. What so good to feel also is they believe in you! They believe in you as their friend! They believe in you as a shoulder to lean on during their doubtful moments!

Ups and Down – Love Goes Around

Through Ups and Down love is what you found 🙂 Trust what makes friendship more stronger. Friendship is the foundation of Love. Love is the fruitful gift you can ever have. But how we do define or see  Love? Love conquers all. Love is blind. what else? Too much love will kill you? 😛 LOVE is LOVE. The definition of Love is the word itself. Anyone would disagree with me in this? 😉

Yesterday I wrote about Despicable Me, today I want to share another movie that for me, I see how Love is. No matter what love is still there. 😉

The movie “UP“, a computer-animated comedy adventure film by Pixar. The love of Carl and Ellie is really touching. Grow up together and tied up with marriage and their marriage is going stronger and stronger even they can’t bear a child. They cherish each other through ups and down they both endure it together. Always TOGETHER. How cute, there’s always someone who we share everything isn’t it?!! Dreaming together 😉 And though Ellie went to heaven first, still Carl wanted to do something and wanted to fulfill his promised to move her “clubhouse” to a cliff overlooking Paradise Falls. And at the end of the story he made it. 😀 And you know what’s more cute about this story? Because he cannot afford a trip to Paradise Falls and another complicated things in their residence he turns his house into a makeshift airship, using thousands of helium balloons to lift it off its foundation. 


We look them up cos we thought we knew them that much!

We look them up cos we’re all circle of the family!

We look them up cos we trust them much!


But now, the truth wake us up. Their true colors are showing up and this reality we can’t even take to accept the fact that their hearts are too much in selfishness!


We all know what the law says!

We all aware what was happened in the past years!

We all know that we never betray them!

We all know what’s that truth behind those lies!


But at least I can say enough …

Despite everything they’ve said about my family, we still manage to have the purity of heart that God gave us!

I’m so proud of us and although our youngest is still innocent from this issue, soon as he grows up I know he’ll be proud of us!