OLA-LA-LA .. Am I? Really?

User Stats:

2009 – Registered Twitterer

2010 – Less Twitterer

2011 – Very Twitterer

2012 – Β Twitterer

* End Of Report *

Ciao !!!


Twitter is the weirdest social media I ever registered in! I tell you that! And today another one totally pisses me off! Heck, I am an SEO and yet I wasn’t able to identify a SPAM! Tsk… Well, IΒ was just terrified cos it came from my friend!

Β And what’s this diet all about?




To my friends … Sorry if some spam message sent to your DM on twitter. Michael, Ness and to all I am sorry!

Facebook Anomaly: #7

Whenever I see your name on my chat list. I take a deep breath, and I get shivers. I see flashback of us laughing. I guess I’m not over with you. Not fully.

Β©Shira2012 via FacebookAnomaly

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Happy Earth Day Everyone !!!

ohwps….can’t really help it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

wanna share something today..

I got my totally new look and…

Mr.Teej totally made my day too πŸ˜€

So Happy Sha lala πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

once again

Happy Earth Day Everyone !!

Life must go on! Have a happy life! And A Poem For Myself

Yesterday is another roller coaster ride in my life.

Morning was really so blurd! I mean, first 3hours of working hours was really bad. Having a bad bad internet connection 😦 Others are lucky and I am the only one who’s having a shit problem! But thanks to my patient co-wokers who really help me, not to mention Monit whom I consume her lil time on fixing my connection and to kuya_Jaymer who come up solve the issue πŸ™‚
Thank you all! πŸ™‚

But what made me cry was another relevation on twitter! Damn! Don’t wanna talk about it! Made me sick!

After work, I didn’t come home directly. I went to Mall cos relatives and my parents going to discuss about mortgage issue in the barangay hall (smallest version of supreme court) LOL. I forgot the term for that! Then after I bought something in Mall, I went to Maccas. Mcdooo …. I ordered the green apple combo again! Well, this time I’m not happy of their service!

Fries box is not full 😦 I didn't take even one yet!
And less salt!

Ice cream didn't even reach the top level of the cup 😦

When I went home, I first saw my papa and when I asked about the result his response was good. Nothing for us to worry about! Well at first, legalities always in our side. They settled and hopefully be over sooner!

When I’m home, my day started to be all good way to night! As in! HAPPY SHA LALA …. HAPPY SHA LALA .. ITS SO NICE TO BE HAPPY SHA LALA πŸ˜€

I have another long chit chat with my dearest papa. T’was really fun. The conversation was all in laugh. He story his experience when he was still young! He even said how much he was in love with my mama and still is πŸ™‚
I can’t still take away his story!

In our conversation, papa used deep words in our vernacular/native language! Heck and shame on me, I’m always asking what the heck are those words πŸ˜› He even got to the point asking me… Are you really English now!?? and we were just laughing more. LOL

What I’ve learned! No no no, I am so much inspired with my papa! So much dude that can inspire me more than having a special someone.

Last night, I realized a tons of things…
The day before today I cut my hair off! Got my hair back in short type! No regret about that! Well its so expensive to be depress if girls are having a heart break and just want to move on truly. One bottle of beer isn’t enough too! I tell you that cos I’ve been there! Haha… OA!! Yet true!

Colt45 - not only for real men but also for real women πŸ˜›



I am a McDo girl and I know McDo/fastfood chain foods aren’t that good if you I eat their prodcuts DAILY! Heck, I’m too young to die πŸ˜›
So, I challenge myself not to eat McDo foods! Hey, how bout once a month? Haha … I challenge myself to eat McDo just once in a month! No worries you’ll if I cheated! Fia would be my watcher! πŸ˜‰

I will miss you!

What I’ve conclude:

I am beautiful. Heck, throw away you heart break Shira! Don’t think much about him cos it just made me shed. (well, how can I? our neighbor always play love songs and he is always poping out in all of the sudden) Tho, No. I won’t gonna make myself miserable. Going to throw the heartaches I have. Life is too short to spend the half of mine in frowning! Right?!

Stop frowning! Dawn will come! πŸ˜€

And I’m going to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in a proper way! Proper diet. Mostly, I’m having my lunch at 2-3pm and sometimes no lunch! So, I’m not really that healthy. Tho, lucky me cos I eat veggies! Least I can still get nutrients!

Why I come up to these realization?
Because my papa just simply inspired me much!

I’m going to learn more things now and I am so willing to learn! Another is, I’m going to minimize my interaction in social media! No worries fans, (assuming) I’m not gonna leave blogging and wordpress! No way! πŸ™‚ Twitter and Facebook, more less! Its not about work issue tho… I’ve been thinking this for a long time! So if you are happily to keeping in touch with me just email me in y personal gmail πŸ˜‰ alluringshira@gmail.comΒ πŸ™‚

Its different when women decided to have a new look.

They intend to forget the hurtful memories they have and throw them away.

Cutting their hair, misery will go along with it.

A Poem For Myself

“I got my new hair”

I got my new hair.

New beginning for my strands.

They’ll grow as what the are.

New life.

New day to face.

New beginning to start.

New charm.

Give yourself a chance, Shira.

Chance to forget the pain.

If not, try harder.

Chance to make up to yourself.

You’re going to be stunning in someone’s eyes, one day.

Good Luck for the chances you take!

Have and Live a Happy Life Everyone!
We can do this!


Anomaly on Facebook!

I don’t know where I stand with you and I don’t know what I mean to you. All I know is every time I think about you….All I wanna do is BE with YOU.

Destiny decides who touches you Life, Your heart decides who touches your Soul.

Explaining why I love you is like trying to explain the colors to a blind person, the words might be understood but the concept would remain mysterious.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Okay, I know…these thoughts are truly true and magnificent in words. But that was not coming from me. This is how it happen…….

I put my mobile number on Facebook so that when I’m not online notifications will be sent on my phone, in that I will know who commented on my wall post. Hmm, back 2011, I can still received FB messages on my phone. So every time I’ve been notified I can always respond immediately. Tho today, can’t received longer only those who commented on my post. Lil sucks!

That three beautiful phrases up were sent by Facebook via sms. It says this way….

”Β Pls rply “ok” and this status will upd8 on your FB wallΒ 

that’s exactly what the sms said after those phrases. Actually, I was sent four times. The first message I’ve received, I deleted it.

Weird isn’t it? Is this Facebook anomaly? <shrugs>

Sunday! Nonsense post, would you believe me?

So.. here we are meeting on Sunday!

Been staring at monitor for quite a while! Am I having a blogger’sΒ  block like others recently? LOL Nope… I just don’t have any thought to share right by now….. I guess?!!!

Alright so… let’s start packing and sit and read awhile my nonsense talk here! ha ha…. see I’m so nonsense! Duuh Shira! Speak up! Okay I will πŸ˜›

So, as I open my gmail, wordpress, twitter of course expecting new notifications right? Tho, not really on twitter

First, the “gloomy” word made me smile widely! LOL

Second, new tagged been made and I’m on it. Ready to answer tho what today!

Third, my friend Aisha suggested something about feed settings and hola! It’s a bright idea! hmmmm.. wanna know?!! (giggle) ha ha ha (silly me)

Fourth, Actually I’m late on my class today! Yes.. class during Sunday? Whaaa? Maybe you have some violent reaction tho.. no need! Haha

Fifth, the exciting thing today is..I’m playing Badminton with my friends. Same group I played with last Sunday tho one of our classmate when I’m still in CoE want to join us so.. been a while since we see each other! It’s good to be reunited again! (excited …excited)

Sixth, made me decide to do a last post for my subject ICT! But heck….NOT today again.. I’m buying some time here but! (bundle up… packing) I’m super late! ha ha ha

Thanks for your time sweethearts… Thanks for reading my nonsense Sunday post!

(grin ..evil laugh after) πŸ˜›

Love you all

Shira πŸ˜€



How pathetic I am! Someone needs me!

Alright! Why I complain so much? Yes, I am complaining so much these past few days, weeks, months!! I don’t know either what’s happening to me. I am not on my track, I don’t bother to care… or better yet… I am mad to the world. Somehow.. what Daph’s said to her post Why Avoid The Unavoidable?about risk conversion!!! After what happened last December, I say personal, It feels like I don’t feel to live anymore, hard for me to laugh, so much pain inside and keeping it secretly which drive me to be one of the players online, having fun. I become moody, mad to the world again, I don’t even study and this week is our midterm exam. HAH!! Goodluck to me! I am not like this, Yes one of my personality is not bother to care on EVERYTHING not really everything. I live as it is! That’s me, but ruining myself like this? I mean how can I let this happen? right? Why I complain so much! Oh well, I bother to asked myself that last night!

And today, I read one blog. ‘I need your help, yes you‘ ! Yah, its April’s blog. One of my most valued friend on twitter but I consider her as real! A realization came out! What burden I’m keeping in is so less compare to April. Okay, I won’t deny that I also laugh, you know.. sort of friends making me so! But why I am letting myself destroy? Where I can be something to someone, right? I mean, just being there to my friends is enough for them. Presence, support and love you give to your friends is so much appreciated. Somehow, I just miss to hear that someone telling me: ‘thanks for making my day‘!

I should be the daylight again! For myself, for the people whose my smile and laugh can make their day on!!


Hash tag

Twitter… twitter .. twitter .. I’m addicted in twitter long time ago .. back in 19forgotten months … LOL πŸ˜› Tweeting what’s on my mind is what I always tend to tweet. I don’t really bother if my followers aren’t like that much, sometimes it might be exasperating or what?!! I remember one of my follower said: ‘Follow @nenskei , I don’t understand her tweets’ .. wahaha . .I take it as a compliment πŸ˜› what you say?? LOL

Today, this thought was been ReTweet by my friend and catches my attention.. A LOT….

People eliminate themselves from your life for a reason. Never regret some people leaving your life, it happened for a reason.

What was my comment?

Indeed … tho .. that reason must be a GOOD reason enough for us to let them go.







~ Can’t figure it out