Unexpected Bash

Alright 🙂 .. my previous post sounds like a horrible day .. but hey my day wasn’t that bad though it went well all way to my night 🙂 My morning yesterday was terrible 😦 but an unexpected birthday bash from my co-workers really surprised me 🙂 got a teary eyes when I saw the cake 🙂 Thank you so much ate_love for that awesome bash 😀

Aside from my family, for the first time and on my 20th birthday really huh, someone gave me a surprised bday celebration :).  November 9, 2011 was the cutest birthday I ever had with friends. and I also received lots of hugs from my friends at school!

Country Side Tour – Day 2

Country Side Tour – Day 2

Here we go .. 2nd day was country side tour!!! Bohol has lots of beautiful spots so ….

> We visited first the Chocolate Hills which is the farthest spot from where we stayed in. 🙂 Chocolate Hills has 1.268 cone shape hills 🙂 the most famous tourist attraction of Bohol. 🙂 Though it took almost 2 hours to travel there, still it’s really worth it 🙂

> Next stop was at Butterfly Garden, well I’m not much fun of Butterflies but I love butterflies 🙂 … the one who tour/guide us in the garden and give some information about butterflies was really cool. He has a good sense of humor that really catches our attention and make us laugh all the way 🙂

Note: Butterflies mate for 24 hours!! (wide eyes open .. LOL .. really? :P)

> Thousands of Mahogany trees planted by locals are found in Bilar’s Man-Made Forest. And Man-Made Forest is really awesome 🙂

> Tarsier Sanctuary. Tarsier is considered as the world’s smallest primate.

and here’s the other tarsier!! LOL

> We also dropped at Zoocolate.

> We stopped at Hanging Bridge, hmmm… not really so special but playing in hanging brindge was truly awesome but lil scary LOL

> Lunch Lunch Luch … we took our lunch in Bunsai Monark Floating Resto at Loboc River. Foods are good, I love their soup and most perfectly awesome eating in Floating Resto was while you’re eating you also feeling the nature!! ♥

> After Lunch, we went to somewhat mini zoo there. second stop was at Baclayon Church. It’s one of the oldest stone church in the Philippines back 16th century 🙂 Take a deeper look in the second picture.. see any image there?

> Last spot was the Blood Compact Shrine at Tagbilaran City. Its the commemorates treaty of friendship between Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Rajah Sikatuna. This treaty was sealed by drinking blood mixed in wine thus it is called Blood Compact. 🙂

Off to Bohol – Day 1

Off to Bohol – Day 1

Besides from the fact that it’s my first step in Bohol, this trip is really exciting because this is the second trip of our SEO team 🙂 Another bonding will surely hit our hearts.

October 29 was our departure day from Cagayan de Oro to Bohol via Cebu Ferries 🙂


We arrived at Jagna Port at 2 pm, then we traveled from port to Tagbilaran City for 2 hours (a little bit tired :/ ). We bought some foods at Island City Mall (ICM) and waited for the Van that will take us to Alona. 🙂 And it took 1 and a half hour to be there! As we got there, of course, fixing our things and we took some rest. After a while, we decided to take some pictures at the beach with the SUNSET! whew.. really nice ♥

Night swimming after 🙂

And after dinner, our first day ended with games though we didn’t take pictures with that – we totally had fun 😀

Our second day will next 🙂


Hey guys .. I’m going to have short vacay/trip with my co-workers and it will start tomorrow. 😀 Of course I am excited! We’re headed to Bohol, one of the best spot here in Philippines. So, you might not hear anything from me for this coming 4-5 days I think. 😉

So, pictures will surely come on my next post. 🙂 .. I’m going to miss reading stories from you all 🙂 Am going to miss someone a lot here and there 🙂

Truly yours,