The Dark Shadows – Within Me

The Dark Shadows of Johnny Depp, one of the gorgeous male artist in Hollywood that I adore much! 

It was/is a good movie and cos the vampire thing plus Depp are my favorite, I’ll rate it 5 out of 5! 😉 No, I’m not bias! The movie speaks so!

Of not so random movie family, love, sacrifices, choices is what its all about! What’s new?

A witch(Angeli) fall in love with a strong man, a strong man(Barnabas) who fall with a very normal woman(Josette)! Triangle? Yes! Whatever tho! Love story is always sizzling complicated! Cos Barnabas rejected Angeli’s love and can’t fool himself and can’t love other woman than his one true love, the witch compel Josette to kill herself jump into the cliff where Barnabas did too and that the curse begins. Angeli turn him into a handsome Vampire! After 195 yrs (which corrected by Angeli) locked down in a coffin buried 6ft on the ground, Barbanas back to the world with full of ignorance! SO FUNNY! 😛 And the history repeats again, reincarnation of Josette which happen to be named Vicky! The picture is perfectly like the old time! One thing you should await is the love scene of Angeli and Barnabas! So hot and wild! Moving on……What did the father of Barnabas Collins tell him and still stick on my head is: “Family is the only real wealth”. The witch curse the Collins Family and it stared with Barnabas. Every family has a secret, has dark shadows kept at night! Watch the movie and find what those are and the ending………’s for you to find out! And by the way, I “very much like” the hairstyle of Vicky! So cute! 

(Tom, I understand your flight has been cancelled!) May 17, another history I made. Watching the movie The Dark Shadows alone!


Vampire look?

This is my first attempt. LOL Done this on first week of January when I have nothing to do sooo.. got my stuff and begin to make some of undiscovered talent!!! Nyahahaha

Tho, I am proud of my work! I am a die hard artees as you know 😛 So, I put a Painting category here instead of making a new blog as my gallery.. and I don’t want to add more blog anyways 😛

TADA…. (drums…)

Oh yeah!! ahahaha.. I am a Artist!! 😛 Who would disagree?