I’m Not Busy As You Think I am.

People might think I am a busy chic. Working in the morning then since school is back, classes in afternoon till night. Heck, I am not. Maybe you are thinking working students are much occupied. Hell, I am not.

If you’ve been following me for so long or known me in real, you already know that I’m easily get attach with people whom I like to be with which is what I’m avoiding and trying to be not. Β The truth is, no matter how I try to be bitter, stoney heart – not to be attach easily -, I can’t simply help but really be in myself. The problem is, here I am again feeling a little bit attach and disappointment is right in front of me. I need and wanted to make myself even busy that you think I am now. I want things consume my time, my mind, my thought far away from someone. I don’t want this longing feeling I have cos it gently kills me.

I’m up to something, together with my friend which I hope can truly help me, help consume me. I don’t want to think about people who consume my thoughts yet doesn’t reciprocate. I don’t want to be hurt but I am hurt now.

~ Shira

Please Explain Yourself! Con vosotros soy feliz

Do you ever feel like this?
When you feel so happy and you don’t know the reason yet you know why you are smiling still the reason is not enough to explain why you are so happy?

Oh baby! I feel so insanely happy with you! Smiling all around, flipping my new rebond hair every morning the time I’m at work! Oh babe, you driving me a little bit so high!


Life must go on! Have a happy life! And A Poem For Myself

Yesterday is another roller coaster ride in my life.

Morning was really so blurd! I mean, first 3hours of working hours was really bad. Having a bad bad internet connection 😦 Others are lucky and I am the only one who’s having a shit problem! But thanks to my patient co-wokers who really help me, not to mention Monit whom I consume her lil time on fixing my connection and to kuya_Jaymer who come up solve the issue πŸ™‚
Thank you all! πŸ™‚

But what made me cry was another relevation on twitter! Damn! Don’t wanna talk about it! Made me sick!

After work, I didn’t come home directly. I went to Mall cos relatives and my parents going to discuss about mortgage issue in the barangay hall (smallest version of supreme court) LOL. I forgot the term for that! Then after I bought something in Mall, I went to Maccas. Mcdooo …. I ordered the green apple combo again! Well, this time I’m not happy of their service!

Fries box is not full 😦 I didn't take even one yet!
And less salt!

Ice cream didn't even reach the top level of the cup 😦

When I went home, I first saw my papa and when I asked about the result his response was good. Nothing for us to worry about! Well at first, legalities always in our side. They settled and hopefully be over sooner!

When I’m home, my day started to be all good way to night! As in! HAPPY SHA LALA …. HAPPY SHA LALA .. ITS SO NICE TO BE HAPPY SHA LALA πŸ˜€

I have another long chit chat with my dearest papa. T’was really fun. The conversation was all in laugh. He story his experience when he was still young! He even said how much he was in love with my mama and still is πŸ™‚
I can’t still take away his story!

In our conversation, papa used deep words in our vernacular/native language! Heck and shame on me, I’m always asking what the heck are those words πŸ˜› He even got to the point asking me… Are you really English now!?? and we were just laughing more. LOL

What I’ve learned! No no no, I am so much inspired with my papa! So much dude that can inspire me more than having a special someone.

Last night, I realized a tons of things…
The day before today I cut my hair off! Got my hair back in short type! No regret about that! Well its so expensive to be depress if girls are having a heart break and just want to move on truly. One bottle of beer isn’t enough too! I tell you that cos I’ve been there! Haha… OA!! Yet true!

Colt45 - not only for real men but also for real women πŸ˜›



I am a McDo girl and I know McDo/fastfood chain foods aren’t that good if you I eat their prodcuts DAILY! Heck, I’m too young to die πŸ˜›
So, I challenge myself not to eat McDo foods! Hey, how bout once a month? Haha … I challenge myself to eat McDo just once in a month! No worries you’ll if I cheated! Fia would be my watcher! πŸ˜‰

I will miss you!

What I’ve conclude:

I am beautiful. Heck, throw away you heart break Shira! Don’t think much about him cos it just made me shed. (well, how can I? our neighbor always play love songs and he is always poping out in all of the sudden) Tho, No. I won’t gonna make myself miserable. Going to throw the heartaches I have. Life is too short to spend the half of mine in frowning! Right?!

Stop frowning! Dawn will come! πŸ˜€

And I’m going to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in a proper way! Proper diet. Mostly, I’m having my lunch at 2-3pm and sometimes no lunch! So, I’m not really that healthy. Tho, lucky me cos I eat veggies! Least I can still get nutrients!

Why I come up to these realization?
Because my papa just simply inspired me much!

I’m going to learn more things now and I am so willing to learn! Another is, I’m going to minimize my interaction in social media! No worries fans, (assuming) I’m not gonna leave blogging and wordpress! No way! πŸ™‚ Twitter and Facebook, more less! Its not about work issue tho… I’ve been thinking this for a long time! So if you are happily to keeping in touch with me just email me in y personal gmail πŸ˜‰ alluringshira@gmail.comΒ πŸ™‚

Its different when women decided to have a new look.

They intend to forget the hurtful memories they have and throw them away.

Cutting their hair, misery will go along with it.

A Poem For Myself

“I got my new hair”

I got my new hair.

New beginning for my strands.

They’ll grow as what the are.

New life.

New day to face.

New beginning to start.

New charm.

Give yourself a chance, Shira.

Chance to forget the pain.

If not, try harder.

Chance to make up to yourself.

You’re going to be stunning in someone’s eyes, one day.

Good Luck for the chances you take!

Have and Live a Happy Life Everyone!
We can do this!


One Hour Ago, Sunrise View! And One Minute Ago, A Cup Of Coffee For My Breakfast!

One Hour Ago, Sunrise View! And One Minute Ago, A Cup Of Coffee For My Breakfast!

Headed to work!

A very inspiring story of success!!

Working hard is way of success!! No would argue with that? I guess no one would because its really true!!! Tho, working hard must also blend in ingredients of fruitful achievements in life. Which is honesty and sincerity as an individual. One of twitter friend tweetΒ  this ‘Β The SeedΒ ‘ … A very inspiring story of success!!Β 

Happy reading …. and be inspired!!! Β 

‘Β http://blog.galvintech.com/uncategorized/the-seed-218.htmΒ ‘

Commitment to Democracy

Hi Everyone πŸ˜‰

Am a student of Bachelor in Public Administration and I believe of what late Jose Rizal said while he’s still existing:

“Youth are the only hope of our nation”

Jose Rizal

If you ask who is he .. well .. he’s our National Hero πŸ™‚ who bravely fought for our freedom from Spanish Regime.

I’d like also to recognize the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino who also stood up and bring Democracy back to our nation and Martial Law ended up πŸ˜€

Thanks so much for you love to our country, Philippines πŸ˜€

Okay … and why I’m talking some history here?

Simply because I love my country, and if ever Filipinos out there read this post I hope this will help them to enlighten their mind that the word “DEMOCRACY” is still existing and has a deep definition in our core values.

To the youth out there, LET’S START TO CHANGE THE THINGS THAT NEED TO BE CHANGE .. LET’S ACT TODAY, Β we might still be young but surely we can contribute much for the good of our country .. let’s not just blame our leaders cos we also have a role to play in our community … even throwing a garbage to its proper place is a big contribution from us.

To my critics, if ever i have πŸ˜› , well .. let me hear something from you!! πŸ˜‰