The Quote Project: Let’s Get Started

I believe everyone knows Leonardo da Vinci, the great genius of all times! I read some of his quotes and it  truly amazed me. So I came up with this bright idea of mine. <HAHA>

Starting today,I’m going to start ‘The Quote Project’.  I’m going to share quotes everyday and of course I’m going to address & give credit to the author. So obviously, I’m about to share quotes from different authors/person and not just Leonardo da Vinci’s quotes alone.

You are all free to join and shares quotes that inspires you and could lift up good vibes. So for us to get as one and can be found easily, make sure to include the word ‘TheQuoteProject‘ in your tags.

So now, for today’s quote…..

Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.

~ Leonardo da Vinci

Being open minded will help us to get through things. Show some love guys 🙂

Learning and Knowing A, B, C’s to Z!

On my most favorite day to start my week, last Monday I received an award given by one of our lovely fellow blogger daphnee 🙂 see her post here ….

Thankee MD for passing the ABC Award! I less expect this to come 🙂

Rules to this award:

1. There is no limit to how many fellow bloggers you pass this on to.

2. Share some things about you, but alphabetically, just a word or two starting with each letter of the alphabet.


1. Passing the award to:

>  Steve

> Dana

> Bailey

> Tom

> Janice

2. Me in Alpha ……

Awesome Blog Award















Optimistic (trying)












Happy Blogging Everyone 😀

A Sunshine Award – Remarkable

February 24 I got a lovely surprise from Sherline. She gave me a Sunshine Award. Wow, isn’t it? I am really touch and honored Sherline, thinking of me about this appreciation…. that’s so sweet! 😀

Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award, like all other rewards, has some rules:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself
  • Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.


  1. Favorite color: at the middle of pink and red and kinda lil dark color
  2. Favorite animal: Dog
  3. Favorite number: 9
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Orange-Mango Juice
  5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Both.
  6. My passion: Art and Writing ~ tho am not really good at it but i’m trying my best to on it 😀
  7. Prefer getting or giving presents:  Giving!
  8. Favorite pattern: I don’t understand this.. LOL ….
  9. Favorite day of the week: Monday ~ I am always excited to start my new week no matter how it goes.
  10. Favorite flower: Tulips. Favorite since grade5 🙂

You know, I didn’t expect this award to come yet here it is….I have a Sunshine award! 😀 Now, why it takes time for me to respond this award? Well, it’s kinda hard to choose. I like the bloggers here all. Today as I read over the blogs I followed, reading Ayesha‘s post stop my track for awhile and made me think about this award. If you’re reading this, ‘Hi Ayesha’ 🙂

I want to pass this award to those blogger who really I think gives sunshine to every readers…….

My Story To You – Andy is a friend of everybody, can turn your day to extraordinary! He’s hooked to photography and his imagination perfectly fit his creativity! Loving his sweet daughter ever so much, and he is a dad that we wish we had. (Ohwps.. I’m proud of my papa too) 😉

Have A Dream – Michael’s post can inspire and motivate anyone. His positive posts can make everyone dream on. His kind words can keep anyone to smile.

Aliza’s Window – Ayesha. She’s one of the bloggers who touches my heart. She write with her heart.

The Laughing Housewife – you won’t imagine how much it bring laugh to my day! LOL

Bluefiadiarries – Fia gives shines to my daily life, she’s one of my precious friend in person. Her post can make someone day into sunshine, well if he’s just reading her post.. he’ll know how he meant for her more than he thought he is.

My apology if I can’t give 10-12 bloggers as what the rules said but these blogs are remarkable.

Happy Blogging Everyone 🙂