Writing From The Heart: Question #7


April is a roller coaster ride for me! Struggling of the pain yet been  happy for what the pain cause. This is last month, knowing how happy the one I care most makes me think and say, I am happy for you and I’ll be keeping my misery within me! Plus, things that revolve in the circles of my relatives was getting intense still!


Writing From The Heart: Question #6


Freedom of whom I wanna be. Freedom from discrimination. Free from judgemental thoughts. Freedom to be alone. Anything, Freedom of anything! Freedom to eat without paying. As in freedom. Can you provide me freedom? Freedom to express without even thinking that you might hurt others. Freedom to say all bullsh*t in life.


Writing From The Heart: Question #5

To get away from people, away including to my family! 

Somehow, I know myself. I know what I am, how do I being I am. Tho lately, I wanna know if I really want this, that the changes I made for myself is what really I wanna be and ready to face it without even regret looking back at the past!

I wanna get away to feed myself of things I needed in life!


Writing From The Heart: Question #3


What I want to known for is…

Known as a Public Enemy of the world!

Crazy? Pathetic?

Isn’t it? Yes it is!

It says write from the heart! That’s what I wanna be. To be honest, who wouldn’t love to be known as a remarkable good person on earth? huh? This might be blunt tho, sadly when we do good things and people that has the power, that has the authority will simply make people/public believe that they’re the one who did it. Frankly, it is the reality! Pretending to be good in public! Ugh. I don’t want be a public servant.  Well, I’m not either planning to work in non-profit organization. Not in my plans, YET! Tho, WHO KNOWS?

Happy Thinking Everyone!!!


Writing From the Heart: Question #2






Why? Play and simple….. Love is what we ever wanted in this earth, in this life! Finding LOVE satisfy your HAPPINESS and because you are happy it means you are  HEALTHY! In health, you have your body and be productive everyday which will gives you MONEY! Tell me?! When did you all been contended? People won’t be contended no matter how you may feed them. They wanted something everyday and give their best to reach it, that’s where FAME shows up!

Happy Writing Everyone!

Be happy like ne 😀 😀